Experiencing quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic has caused people to greatly re-evaluate things they previously took for granted. Among these is housing and how it relates to overall safety. If you’re helping to run a household, you need to find the right housing for your family. This guide will help you with these answers.

Vacation Homes

Vacation homes might be seen as a luxury, but they can also be an amazing necessity for quarantining. If there are multiple people in a household sharing bathrooms and other things, germs can spread easily. Precautions like frequent handwashing can definitely help. However, if you have a place where any of your family members can be set up, make use of it. Consider who would be in most of the need of isolation and what you’ll need to do to prepare the home. You might have a college-aged child who’s semester has ended prematurely but needs somewhere to stay. Besides thoroughly cleaning it, you should make sure the vacation home is set up for proper usage. There should be an inspection for things like water and electricity quality, and the internet should be running. If multiple people are needing to stay at the home, make sure it doesn’t become overcrowded and that everyone is keeping the appropriate distance. It may be tempting to go out and explore the community, particularly if your vacation home is located in a seaside town. However, isolation doesn’t stop because you’re in a new place. You and your family need to show respect not only to yourselves but also to the people you don’t know and won’t meet. Remember that you’re using your vacation home at this time not for recreation, but for protection. A time will hopefully come soon when you can enjoy it for its intended purpose, bringing as many people over as you can and having fun in the sun.

Luxury Apartment

A luxury apartment is another strong solution for housing during the quarantine. You can find a variety of different types of luxury apartments across the United States or in your particular locale. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, there are downtown Seattle luxury apartments that have amenities such as places to exercise, concierge service, and convenient locations for professionals. When researching these apartments, talk to the management to find out how they’re ensuring units and residents are protected. They need to have a plan for ensuring things are as contained as possible. They may have specific policies regarding tenants and guests during this time, such as not allowing non-residents in, unless under certain circumstances. Follow these exactly, and make your stay in the apartment one that continues your reputation as being a good tenant. You should also have the necessary furnishings so that you can perform your work duties, if you’ve been required to work from home due to the pandemic.


The hospitality industry is doing its part to help people during quarantine, even if business is obviously not what it used to be. There are hotels with special quarantine setups to help contain the spread of the disease in communities. They take measures to protect their guests while also providing them with caring service. Some of the things you might see from a reputable hotel during this time is staff providing guests with sheets and other necessities without direct contact and major disinfection of surfaces. As with any other quarantine living situation, you need to do your part. Wear a mask and practice social distancing around hotel staff and your fellow staff. If you’re with multiple people in your family, you need to firmly set guidelines. These hotels can be especially useful if you’re returning from a trip and need to ensure you don’t put anyone at risk when you come home. Be sure to speak up if you see anyone doing anything that is hazardous in terms of keeping guests and staff safe.

Having your housing situation altered can feel inconvenient, but any measure to protect yourself and your family should be taken seriously. Find housing that can accommodate everyone in your family and general lives up to your standards. Eventually, things will go back to normal, and you’ll be glad you did such a good thing for your family. If you’re unable to afford or use these suggestions, be sure you’re keeping everyone as protected as possible at home.