When it comes to being a parent, not all people stay together. You may not have ever had a real relationship with the other parent of your child, but that doesn’t mean you never want to date or fall in love. Single parents date all the time, but it isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Dating as a single parent can cause all sorts of issues. First, you don’t want to have too many people coming and going when you have younger children. It can be confusing to them. So how can you date with children and avoid issues?

Talk To Your Kids (Depending On Their Age)

If you have older children, it can be helpful to talk to them, even before you start dating. If they’ve grew up most of their lives with both parents in their lives, together, it can be kind of strange for them when you start dating again. Talking to them about the fact that you are ready to date again can be helpful.

Depending on your dating preferences, you may need to speak to your children about choice in race and even sex. Since some people are more closed minded than others, you may find that older children may not like your dating choices, this can even be just related to an individual, their job, or their life choices.

Your children aren’t always going to agree with the people you date, and you just might fall for someone that they don’t like. That will mean more talks, and maybe even some time away from adult children.

Make Sure That Dates Don’t Meet Kids Too Soon

When you have young children, talking to them too soon is something you don’t want to do. They may not really be old enough to even understand what it is you’re talking to them about. Plus, how likely is it you are going to immediately introduce your new date to your kids?

In fact, you should wait until you know that your relationship has some sort of lasting chance before you even let them meet your child or children. When young children are forced to meet date after date and get to know people too soon they’ll get attached, and then what happens when things don’t work out?

You want to be a little picky when it comes to letting kids meet a date, so that you protect them. You may not even knowing enough about the person you are dating yet and may find that they have had a bad history with children, or that you can’t ever leave your kids alone with them. These are definitely deal breakers for people with young kids.

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to be single forever. Even people with babies start dating again. Obviously if you have younger children you’ll need a sitter for date nights, and you’ll want to be honest with each date from day one that you have kids, but you just might find Mr. or Mrs. Right in someone that is not a shared parent!