Dressing for summer isn’t always easy when you have a plus-size figure. Many of the designer brands seem to assume that ladies are all size zero, and couture fashion is designed to flatter slim figures. But being curvy in all the right places doesn’t mean you have to stick to baggy t-shirts and loose athleisure wear. 

There are plenty of really stylish dresses that flatter a plus-size figure. From maxi dresses to wrap dresses, we have pulled together some fantastic ideas to help you stay cool and stylish this summer. Read on for a bit of inspiration!

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a girl’s best friend. You can dress up a maxi dress with statement jewellery and a belt or wear it loose on a really hot day. It really ought to be your go-to outfit for summer. Look around, and you’ll spot maxi dresses in all colours and patterns. Check out online retailer froxx.co.uk and see what styles take your fancy. 

Halter neck maxi dresses are very flattering – and sexy – for ladies with a large chest, but they can also enhance a smaller chest. Dress up your halter neck maxi dress with spike heels and a pretty necklace on a hot summer night or pick a bright pattern for a beach day. 

Other options include off-the-shoulder maxi dresses, one-shoulder maxi dresses, and even long-sleeve maxi dresses for cooler days. 

Wrap Dress

Apart from looking classy and polished, wrap dresses are very flattering for larger figures, as the shape of the dress draws the eye away from the belly area and directs it to the chest area. Look for a wrap dress with ruffles and daring prints, so show off your curves. Polka dot prints are very on-trend right now. Pale pink and traditional black and white are stylish choices for a formal event, especially in satin or silk.

If you want to be a little daring, tie your wrap dress nice and low, so your cleavage is on display. Consider keeping it in your wardrobe essentials. Whether dressed up or down, it is a truly versatile piece that can perfectly go with your size. Also, if you are up for a date and looking for the perfect outfit, do consider wearing a wrap outfit. Pairing up a wrap outfit with the right accessories can give you a super hot look for a perfect date.

Midi Dress

A midi dress paired with a smart blazer is great for work events, meetings, and shopping trips. Choose plain colours such as white or navy and accessorise with some ankle boots, heels, or strappy sandals. Find a nice bag to go with your outfit, and this outfit will take you from day to night without missing a beat.

Else, you can also go for long sleeve midi shirt dresses. A dress with bold floral print would do good. Consider pairing this combination with flats or heels depending on the occasion. The flexibility of choice is one of the perks of going with a midi dress, no matter what size you are. 

It is casual enough for suitable situations and pretty enough for more fancy occasions like weddings or parties. So, style your dress in the midi length, and get ready to glow with this beautifully enchanting dress.

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are not just for size zero models. Any girl can rock a bodycon dress if she wears smoothing shapewear as a foundation garment. In fact, bodycon dresses really flatter curvy hourglass figures, which is why they are much loved by the Kardashian sisters. 

Pale colors look best in the summer. Pair your cream bodycon dress with a pretty silk scarf and delicate sandals, or for a summer night out, rock a red bodycon dress and 6-inch heels. 

Don’t hide your curves under loose-fitting t-shirts. Buy a few gorgeous dresses this summer and have fun!