Diversity is an indelible feature of the human race; we all love different things. Some people can’t function without coffee while others can’t stand its smell. These differences are also true for social media. For example, many people use Facebook, but the way we all use Facebook differs more so on smartphones. The following are the best social media apps which probably you must have especially in order to manage social marketing campaigns.

For many, this is one of their most frequently used app. It enables the user to view all their social channels in addition to clients in a single place. The app provides tabs for social media channels, hashtags one wishes to keep track of and the individuals one wishes to constantly interact with. It is a one stop tool for social media users.

The user is able to view what others are saying and then respond to them immediately.
The user can schedule content to be sent to several channels simultaneously which saves a lot of time.
One can also view who they responded to and also follow conversations in one place.
The app can be used anywhere and enables the user to always be connected using their smartphone. It is incredibly easy to use it also syncs with the desktop account.

2. Tweet Bot
This app allows the you to manage your Twitter account remotely. An outstanding feature in this app is the ability to screen out particular types of tweets which includes re tweets and also tweets made from some specific apps.

The app can be used to filter through the unnecessary tweets so as to identify the specific tweets from people who deserve a response from you.

3. Ever note
This application syncs devices of its users enabling information to be automatically carried across. You can therefore obtain the same information regardless of the device you are using in the moment e.g.iPad, android smartphone or a Mac Book. Some essential time saving features on the app include.

Saving of hashtag groups for use on Instagram
Recording notes for blog ideas
Keeping information together by use of tags e.g. on articles, ideas and photos.
Saving travel documents
Saving anything on the web by the use of chrome extension, Ever note Web Clipper e.g. tags or screenshots
Taking handwritten notes using Penultimate on your screen and storing them in Ever note together with other information.

This app is generally great for organization and efficiency.

4. Pages manager
For a long time, Facebook users could only post their content by the use the Facebook app. The problem was that users could confuse and post content to friends instead of a page. This was before Facebook developed pages manager; a tool developed for page administrators in specific to ease page management through smartphones. This is possible in the following ways:

Scheduling updates. The user can now schedule short videos, links and photos from their smartphones directly. This feature enables users to create drafts for post which can be later edited if needed.
Facebook insights. The app provides several summarized reports on engagement, reach and audience growth. This gives insight on how the user’s content is fairing on the go.
Targeting boosted posts. Previously, Facebook users simply boosted a post but the Pages Manager enables the user to target post that have been boosted based on gender, interest, age, connection e.g. friends or fan and location.

5. Buffer
This is the go to app for sharing across social networks and in getting content to a community of choice. The app is used in conjunction with other apps such as Facebook. When the user spots a post that interests him/her, you use the open in safari feature where the buffer iOS is installed. This captures the URL of the post and is opened in the buffer app where it can be customized and queued for reposting across various social media channels.

Buffer enables users to improve their content mix and also get some pretty interesting reads.

6. Facebook messenger app
This may be controversial to some people but the Facebook messenger is considerably effective and useful. Users are able to do the following;
Easily reach people. This app provides probably one of the simplest and fastest ways through which one can send messages and be sure that they got the message. This is in contrast to Twitter and Linked In where most people assume the messages received.

Audible alert. When a message is relied, the user gets a notification on their smartphone which is similar to that one gets from a text message. This is important in responding to urgent messages.

This is a great tool to create and maintain social interaction.

7. Word swag
This app is especially helpful to social media marketers with limited skills of design. It is fairly easy to use and takes a considerably short time to develop an appealing graphic. The quality of images that the app delivers are top notch. The most common uses include

Creating pin-worthy image blog posts
Creating graphics to be posted on Facebook
Creation of beautiful quotes to upload on Instagram

The app is literally a graphic designer on the go.

Various awesome apps are out there and available for those willing to try new ways to make social media more than a platform to interact with friends and family. With the growth in social media advertisement and promotion, these apps among others offer any marketer an edge to success.