It always comes a moment in a couple’s life when the decision comes. Getting pregnant and helping to raise a new life is a total game changer. It brings out joy, happiness, worries, and many confronting thoughts and emotions. However, it is always worth it. But some couples may find it hard to have a baby, and when they do, they keep asking for tips and tricks to conceive. There are tons of medical advices out there, and you can read them in multiple posts, but what about sex? Is there an effective position to help you conceive?

The answer is yes. There are several sex positions that favor a deeper penetration and would improve your chances of getting pregnant. As you go through below, this article should give you an insight into some of the most common and best positions that actually help you to conceive.

Glowing Triangle

One of them is called Glowing Triangle, and it is quite similar to missionary position, in which the man is on top. But in this case, you will be on your four legs while she wraps her legs around you. This position provides a very deep penetration if you do it properly, especially when the woman maintains her pelvis tilted upwards.

The angle of the woman’s pelvis is important, not only the deep penetration, and one position that favors a precise pelvis angle is Spooning. In this position, you will be behind her, both lying on your side. By doing this, her pelvis will be tilted at around 90 degrees, and this will allow a better distribution of the sperm, reaching farther inside and promoting conception.

The Union of the Wolf

Directly from the Kamasutra, we can also talk about a position called “The Union of the Wolf.” This is a pretty simple pose, quite similar to doggy style, but in this case, the progression is essential. First, stand behind her and penetrate her from behind. After this, she needs to tilt forward and support her arms in a low cushion or table. It is a comfortable position depending on your height and that of your partner, but when it works out for you both, it helps the sperm reach the uterine cervix, which is what you are looking forward if you want to conceive. Read more here

Finally, if you prefer a position with the woman on top, you can try the Reverse Cowgirl. You will lie on your back while she’s sitting on you, but in this position, she should be facing your feet instead of your face. The Reverse Cowgirl gives her more control, it is ideal if you’re a bit overweight, and provides a helpful angle for conception. One thing great about this position is that it actually helps to bring the right amount of climax for both partners, and enhances the entire sexual experience.

Just like this, there are plenty of positions and helpful tips for conception. While performing any of these, try not to use lubricant because they tend to reduce the availability of the man’s sperm. If you keep a healthy diet, follow your calendar to know when she’s ovulating, and engage in sex only during her fertile days, there’s a higher chance of conceiving if you’re both healthy.

Also, you should make sure that you stick to a healthy diet, try to stay away from stress and this could help to ensure that your sexual life also remains blissful. Regardless of whether you wish to conceive or not, a tip here for you is to always try to be creative in your sexual life. This is something important because it helps to keep your relationship in a balance, and ensures that you both remain happy and connected to each other on an emotional level.