Nothing is as special and unique as your kid. That can sometimes make it incredibly difficult to find the perfect gift for your child. You don’t want something boring and generic like a teddy bear or chalk. You want to highlight what makes your child amazing by giving them a gift that encourages their creativity and imagination. That’s where personalized gifts come in. Here are a few that will really wow your littles this year.

Gifts for the Athlete

Try a ball pit! “Personalized” shouldn’t be limited to your child’s name written on something ordinary. Children express themselves through play and learn through experience, new toddler songs and what better way to encourage them than to provide them with a space to romp around? Building a ball pit is not only easy, but it can be a great DIY activity to do with your kids. Gifts for kids should reflect the kids themselves- fun, exciting, and a little bit weird in the best way. Making a ball pit is easy- all you need is an inflatable pool (or a laundry hamper for toddlers) and some plastic or foam balls. Your child can customize the colors of both elements for even more of a personal touch.

A gift to help build a child’s imagination

If you want a gift that both teach your children a little responsibility and allows them to exercise their creativity, then a fish tank is for you. Children love building new worlds based on their imagination. Going to the pet store will ensure more bonding time with your kid as you browse the aisles looking for whimsical decor and colorful fish. A fish tank guarantees a memorable and lasting gift that’s personal to your child and allows them to be the architect of a new environment.

Perfect present for the Artist

For the kid who loves drawing and expressing themselves through art, Budsies are the perfect gift! They make custom stuffed animals based on your child’s artwork! Whether you have a child who can’t stop drawing their favorite TV show character or a multicolored blob named Steven, you can make it come to life! Of all of the gifts for kids, Budsies are the cuddliest and softest way to encourage your child’s creativity by showcasing their very own designs! Kids love seeing their drawings come alive.

Gifts for the Writer

Another way of soliciting your child’s imagination is to help them write their own adventure. To do this, simply create a story featuring your child while leaving a few blanks for them to fill in. It would be preferable to write this on a poster board of some sort so that you can hang it in their room. Remember to use different forms of speech, such as adjectives, verbs, or nouns. Allow them to fill in the blanks however they want and truly exercise their imagination.

What to buy for the Animal Lovers

Waggables are great gifts for your animal-loving kid! Your child can design the soft plush based on the pet of their dreams or their furry companion at home! Waggables are an affordable, personalized gift that your kids can cuddle at night. A literal product of their imagination, these furballs make for adorable companions without the mess of a pet.

Keep Your Personalized Gifts Personal

It is important to remember that these gifts should represent the kids that you are giving them to. Each one should be unique and tailored to who they are as a person. Whether they are an athlete, artist, animal-lover, writer, engineer, or anything else in between, the most personalized gift that you can give them is the power to run wild with their imagination and to see a piece of themselves in their present.

Author Bio:

Michelle Furmansky is a guest blogger for Budsies and the original mom of Dongler. You can usually find her curled up with a book in the backyard or dancing the night away, but she always starts her morning scrolling through the latest generation of creations!