The road to the metallic nail color trends was was long, but not lonely. The professional metallic colors of nail are proper for the event. If the work in the conservative profession, nails should really be understand. This doesn’t mean that they’ve to be really boring. You should select the classic metallic nail polish or color which works great with the overall style and coloring. You should stay away from the vampy, dark or bright colors nail polish when thinking about the colors of nail which are suitable.

  1. Red

Classic, creamy red, elegant and Feminine is really timeless. This is perfect for the working women makeup, the casual occasions and the formal events. This is the professional color of nail however this is great on the smaller nails. The red nail color on the longer nails may really look very professional. The red nail color has really been in the fashion for the previous several of the years and this will possibly carry on being in the years to come. This is very suitable for approximately all the tones of skin.

  1. The champagne

Shimmery, champagne and light colored nails really are flattering on the several tones of the skin. That colors tend to be shiny with the touch of the shimmery however not glitter. The shimmery can really be professional as glitter is really not generally believed as the professional. Select the tone of the champagne which works great with the tone of skin. That is the professional color of nail as this beautifully blends in sufficient to make the hands really look groomed without really being overpowering.

  1. Sheer peach

The other professional color of nail is the sheer peach. And if you’ve the long nails with the white beautiful tips, that nail color provides the French manicure appearance as white tips will really show through. Sheer peach color of the nail should be opaque or sheer and the light sheen. You should avoid the peach or bright peach nail colors with the glitter. This is really good and best for the play and work.

  1. The light pink

This is a ultimate professional and neutral polish. It is a great year-round color but for spring in particular. This is subtle and feminine and provides the instant look of manicure. You should select from the opaque, cream or the sheer pink. Approximately all of these are very professional. The light pink color of nail is perfect for the conservative interviews of the job and the conservative places of work. The pink color should be really soft and really not bright as well. That color of the nail is specifically flattering on the pale skin. Celebrity metallic color trends

  1. The dark colors

The black nails really were once detained to accessorizing the costume of Halloween. However the darker colors are really showing up approximately every place from the videos of music to a red carpet. In current era, Eva Longoria was looked rocking the gown which is white with the red bow, black nail color, while Lyndsy paired the black nail color with the black jeans and T-shirt. The enthusiastic observers of scene sometime sight the deep burgundy and midnight blue nail colors with the cream or gold dresses.