No matter how casual your everyday clothes are, there will be plenty of moments in life when you will want to dress to kill. If your closet is full of old t-shirts and sweats though, it will be pretty difficult to pull out an appropriate outfit when the time comes. To make things easier, here is a simple guide to help you look your best for important occasions.

Professional Moments

Most people realize in their early to mid 20’s that there is an entire world of fashion devoted strictly to looking professional in the workplace. With a strong freelance movement happening, and with corporate environments working to be more relaxed, what is considered professional is more of an abstract concept than it was in the past. A common dilemma that people encounter is deciding what to wear to a job interview. A very general rule-of-thumb is slacks, a clean button down shirt (and a tie if you are a man) or blouse, and dark dress shoes. This simple combination will help you look appropriate in almost any interview setting.


Obviously in your own wedding, you can wear whatever you want, but what about when you’re the guest? Some weddings have specific dress codes, but the invitation will usually state this directly. If a dress code is specified, it is respectful to abide by the wishes of the happy couple. But, what do you wear when there is no obvious dress code? When you have to look a little harder to figure out what to wear, the time and season of the wedding can give much needed hints. If you would like to opt for a simpler wardrobe, a little black dress (LBD) is pretty much a universal staple that would fit in at an wedding. For the men, you will always be set with nice shirt and well fitted chinos.

Semi Formal Events

Unless you frequent high-end galas, most of the events you attend will be semi-formal. To keep it simple, semi-formal is nicer than your typical Friday night out, but not black tie. These events can include smaller galas, operas, or work parties to name a few. In these situations, it is wise to consider exactly what the event is and how the weather will be. Women should consider having a nice dress that is at least knee length (maybe that LBD from the wedding) or even a nice pant suit. Accessories are important as well. Opt for pieces that fit well together without being too loud or gaudy. For men, now is a good time to pull out your well tailored suit. Depending on the type of event, you may be able to get away with skipping the tie. Shoes should always be appropriate for the season. Use this guide for women and this guide for men to get a good general idea of your options.

Being prepared for every event that comes up can be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. Sometimes all it takes is a few good pieces and a little know how to always look great!