Elderly people can be among the most difficult to buy for at Christmas. After all, they’ve been around a long time and will probably already have everything they need but with a little careful thought it is possible, according to the Live-in Care Hub (www.liveincarehub.co.uk), to get them something that they can appreciate especially a gift that is practical and enhances their daily life.

Gifts to Keep Them Warm

The Better at Home report has found that most elderly people would much rather stay in their own homes rather than go into a residential facility, but they can worry about paying the heating bills through the winter months. With this in mind what better gift can there be than something to keep them warm without having to turn up the heat when temperatures fall.

The best way to keep warm whilst out and about or on the move is to wear several layers of good quality clothing made from real wool or cotton. Natural fibres keep you warm whilst wicking away sweat so look for things like cashmere or merino wool sweaters or cardigans or thermal underwear. A padded coat or jacket with natural wadding helps to keep body temperature regulated better than one with a polyester filling. Woollen socks, hats and sheepskin gloves help to keep hands and feet toasty when outdoors.

For indoor use a heated blanket could go down a treat for a night in front of the TV or reading a good book. A lot of heat is lost through the feet even when the heating is on when sitting still in one place. With this in mind a padded footstool to raise the feet above floor level can provide warmth as well as comfort. An electric blanket for the bed is a good idea providing the person you buy it for is aware of the need to switch off once they are in bed.

Helpful Gifts

Many people as they get older start to have difficulty with their eyesight which may be less sharp than it was. This can show when the simple act of selecting a phone contact becomes harder to do. A big button phone with larger than average buttons, either a landline phone or a mobile, can help them to keep in touch with family and friends. Audible books on cassette or mobile device are great for those unable to read due to failing eyesight.

If home security is an issue a motion-sensor front door bell and camera can provide reassurance before opening the door. For the hard of hearing a device which can be placed in any room and which connects wirelessly to the telephone alerts them to a phone call when a normal ringtone can’t be heard.

For those with limited mobility but who still want to exercise a folding floor pedal exerciser could be the ideal way to keep them moving whilst avoiding exercise-induced injury.

With all these ideas to choose from, you’re sure to be able to pick the perfect present for your elderly loved one, no matter how much or little mobility they have and what their tastes are.