Spring cleaning is a tradition that offers big benefits, especially when combined with cleaning through the remainder of the year. A clean home boosts concentration and focus, increases feelings of happiness and can even be linked to a reduced risk of illnesses and disease. This year, find the motivation to do your spring cleaning by learning more about the benefits of a clean home.


Better Organization

If you have ever found yourself searching for scissors three minutes before you need to leave for work, you probably know that an organized home just makes life easier. Organizing your home doesn’t have to take hours. Try simple organization options, like using lidded bins for toys and seasonal storage. Keep a donation box in a centrally located space so you aren’t tempted to keep items you no longer use, and drop off donations once monthly. To further cut clutter, donate magazines and books with outgrown clothing and toys. If you find you have accumulated a particularly large number of items that need to be donated, consider contacting movers in Dallas to help transport your items to a donation center.


Improved Air Quality

Pet dander, pollen and dust are all contaminants that can significantly lower your indoor air quality. Regularly dusting and vacuuming your home removes most common contaminants, and reduces allergens that can trigger conditions like hay fever. During spring cleaning, use damp microfiber dusting cloths and a vacuum that has a HEPA filter if you want to improve indoor air quality. Both of these options keep dust and other particles from re-entering the air, a common problem with cleaning products like feather dusters.


Cut Stress

Clutter triggers the release of cortisol, known as the stress hormone. Cortisol has been linked to an increased risk of diseases like heart attack and stroke. If you feel overwhelmed by clutter, start small and work consistently to reach your goals. For instance, try cleaning for five minutes every hour to slowly but consistently organize your space. Over time, your space becomes cleaner and you feel less overwhelmed when it’s time to do regular chores.


Boost Physical Activity

A clean, well-organized home has been linked to increased physical activity and healthier eating habits, both benefits that can boost your overall health and potentially lead to weight loss and a reduced disease risks. If you don’t have time to deep clean, consider hiring a service for once a year deep cleaning. The price for a cleaning service is relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider the stress-busting, energy-boosting benefits you get from a clean home.


Fewer Germs

Regular cleaning helps kills the bacteria that cause illness if you use a germ-fighting cleaner on non-porous surfaces like kitchen counter, bathtubs and vinyl flooring. You should also consider using all natural cleaners. Not only can these cleaners do the same thing as their synthetic counterparts, but they are much more child friendly. Many of the all natural cleaners even claim to be harmless if consumed. This is a huge upside to using green cleaning products. Knowing that your children will be safe even if an accident occurs can give you peace of mind.


Faster Cleanup

Annual spring allows you to complete the most time-consuming tasks, so you just need to handle everyday messes for a sparkling clean home. To stay on-track after spring cleaning, use a cleaning schedule for daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Adding a a cleaning caddy stocked with eco-friendly cleaners and microfiber cloths makes cleaning everyday messes a breeze.


Spring cleaning is most beneficial when you combine with a regular cleaning throughout the year. With annual deep cleaning, you can enjoy benefits that range from reduced allergy symptoms to improved concentration and reduced stress. You can reap the rewards of a clean, well-organized home by creating a realistic cleaning routine that fits your schedule.