Parking systems are a crucial attribute in our lives today. Parking systems help in regulating traffic in shopping malls, offices, hospitals, residences, and other public areas. With the advancement of technology and innovation, there are now integrated parking software and equipment that provide the best solutions to the complications associated with parking. With computerized parking systems, authorities and users can enjoy a smooth parking experience with free-flowing vehicles throughout the day. Here are the benefits of computerized parking management systems.


Compared to conventional parking systems, automated systems offer greater efficiency. The building size is always a major factor in the development of parking garages. With an automated parking system, you will need an area that is about 70% smaller and a 50% smaller volume to pack the same number of vehicles. This offers parking garages more options such as using more area for green spaces or non-parking uses and adding more parking spots.

Feasibility and profitability

The car parking development will have a direct effect on the feasibility of your building project. Automated parking systems have a design flexibility that can be beneficial with regards to profitability and feasibility. This is because they enable parking to be situated in areas where most conventional parking systems may never fit. With automated systems, you can have parking areas underground, freestanding, above ground, underneath, on irregularly shaped or narrow areas, or integrated into existing buildings.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness

Automated Valet Parking systems help to lower CO2 emissions by more than 85% as it eliminates the need for vehicles to drive around idly while looking for the perfect parking spaces. Additionally, with parking development, automated parking systems will utilize fewer building materials, have shorter construction time, smaller excavation, and minimal construction disruptions.  Automated parking systems are considered the most affordable route for underground parking garages.

Inherent Security and Safety

The security and safety of drivers, pedestrians and vehicles is a top priority in every parking garage development project. Computerized parking systems tend to be more secure and safer compared to traditional parking garages. This is because they eliminate pedestrians and driving from the entire parking area. With no driving, there will be no possibility of stolen vehicles or car damage. Additionally, ‘no pedestrian’ means that one will not have to walk through shadowy or dim parking areas, which means that there will be no opportunity for vandalism, theft or even worse.

Easy maintenance

In the past, management of parking areas was a hectic job, but with technology and innovation, parking can be done within seconds and issues resolved faster. Local maintenance service staff usually work 24/7 and can easily be accessed to maintain and operate the entire parking system. If there is any defect in the technologies used, it can be resolved and taken care of immediately. Computerized parking systems provide the best solution for regulating normal parking to guarantee the smooth working of the entire system.

With the above-mentioned benefits, it is without a doubt that the implementation of smart parking solutions will be of great benefit to any company or even the city government. They will help reduce the current parking inefficiency that we experience today and provide a seamless parking experience for drivers. Furthermore, businesses can rake in more revenue from their parking areas due to increased efficiency.