Moving into a new home expects you to do a lot of work. It requires the ability to remember and follow certain points, to make sure that your move-in is as smooth as ever. Here is a guide to help you in the process of moving in and points to remember before you move in. 

The stitches and bandages

The first thing that you need to make sure is that you get your house fixed. You need to make sure that the broken pipes are tended to by the plumber, and the wiring is done properly, and there are no falling walls or broken ceilings, the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors check and any other sort of problem that could harm you. 

To know the things that are wrong with your house, make sure you either check your house properly or get your house inspection done. What’s better than to hire a professional whose sole job is to make sure that a house is habitable or not. You can get a good house inspection done in Calgary, Alberta. They will provide you with a deep report and analysis of all the pros and cons of your living space. 

Another point to remember is pest control. No one likes to share their house with creepy crawlers that might jump out of nowhere and give you a huge scare, which brings us to another important aspect that is cleaning. Make sure you give your house a deep clean before you bring in your stuff to minimize the dirt level in your home. You can use the home inspection list as your to-do list to improve and maintain your house. 

Locks and keys

One of the most important things to do once you move in is change the locks. You never know about the history of the house, who stayed with whom and with information to who. When you move into a new house you need to make sure you change the locks and all codes of the house. You don’t want the other owners to enter your home not to forget the people who would be knowing them too. Put in home alarms and security systems that would make your house even safer, for you and your belongings. You can always be overcautious for your good. 

Re-joining the dots

It’s always better to get your work done before moving in. You need to make sure you reconnect the dots that must have been stopped or cancelled previously. Such as the gas connections, the water, as well as the electricity. Ask the owner or the neighbours about what and how’s about the utilities. Get in contact with the local providers and get the connections as soon as possible. 

Know your house

Finally, since you are new to your house, you need to make sure you are aware of it. You should know where your emergency shut-offs and appliances are. You should also have a proper maintenance schedule that you must follow, to have the house in a proper and livable situation. 


Moving in is a huge task. It needs proper planning, to manage and set your stuff into the house. Make sure you get the owner to fulfil his side of the deal and that all the repairs and your needs are tended to.