The increase in demand in jewellery today is not only limited to the quantity, but also to the type of jewellery. Nowadays, the demand extends to the type and the designs of the jewellery pieces as well. People are not just happy with gold jewellery; they want an amalgamation of different gemstones and ideas. Only new designs set them apart in events. Hence, it is becoming increasingly important for jewellers in Gurgaon/Delhi to keep coming up with new and innovative designs every day. There is competition, and there is a celebration of new ideas every time something new comes up.

This year saw a lot of weddings—celebrities and non-celebrities alike, and with them came unique and exquisite ideas. Because of these trends, a whole cluster has been designed to meet the needs (growing preferences) of the people.

We have brought together some of the finest and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces from Hazoorilal Legacy, one of the finest jewellery shops in Gurgaon. A showroom, more than a shop, it is a boutique for authentic and breath-taking designs that keep bedazzling people with the impressive styles.

  • Strings of heaven

Strings of heaven

These cascading strings of round and brilliant cut diamonds which are marquise shaped also have pearls and emeralds assembled in the combination. They are brilliantly set in 18k white gold—in a set of necklace and earrings. This set can be worn with elegant sarees and simple gowns to add to the class and grace of the ensemble.

  • Tassel your way through


When it comes to unique jewellery designing, there cannot be a better choice. With necklace and earrings set in 14k white and yellow gold, and combined with diamonds and emeralds, it is an exceptional piece. This is a 37-carat Cabochon emerald surrounded with white diamonds, highlighting the centre motif. Worn with anything, it is definitely going to shine through.

  • Bedecked bonanza


This piece is one of the most precious pieces from the Mihrab collection. The collection is known for its traditional yet flamboyant style, and uses motifs like crescent, fish, leaf, lotus, and paisley. This necklace is grand and straight out of the grand times of the kings and queens. Royal and magnificent, it can do wonders to a simple outfit. Encrusted with uncut diamonds and beautifully handcrafted in off-white enamel using pearls and chand-inspired motifs, this jewellery piece is timeless.

  • A party of colours


With different hues, this pair of earrings is the epitome of brightness and joy. A wonderful combination of Persian blue, orange, coupled with uncut diamonds and pearls, these earrings can go with almost anything.

  • Pink feast

Pink feast

A peep into their new arrivals will leave you enthralled. This grand choker is reminiscent of the old days of grandeur and royalty. The perfect blend of colour and sparkle, the necklace is truly a sight to behold. This is an uncut diamond bridal choker, peppered with deep blue and rose pink coloured enamelling. It is enhanced with pearl drops, which makes it a triple threat.

  • Sparkle sparkle

Sparkle sparkle

Another masterpiece from the new arrivals is this sparkling necklace which is crafted with the help of the finest uncut diamonds, also known as polkis, set in 22k gold. It also has a pastel blue colour enamelling which makes it elegant beyond words. The trims are adorned with sea pearl hangings, which gives it a unique flavour altogether.

  • Rose delight

Rose delight

Though we cannot ever get enough of chokers, this necklace piece is a pleasant surprise. Using rose as its main element, this marvellous specimen is crafted with rose-shaped cut corals and coral beads set in an immaculate jadau craftsmanship base using uncut diamonds and off-white coloured enamel. The overall peach colour only adds to the charm of the necklace as it is pleasant and soothing to the eyes. Plus, it goes with almost any colour and can be worn in isolation as well.