The quality and comfort of your bed mattress is definitely important as it affects your body posture and sleep. If you have been sleeping on the same mattress for over a decade and notice that there is already something wrong with it, it is time to examine and give it a quick check. Most old mattresses become saggy over time. Do not worry if your budget is low and you can’t afford to buy a new one. The good news is there are tips on how to repair your old mattress and you can still stick to it until it gets worst and not anymore usable. In this article, let us know the way.

Get the materials ready.

In this DIY repair, you will need the following things: measuring tape to measure the length and width of the mattress, thick plywood sheets (can be ½ or ¼), and wood planks. These are commonly available in your local hardware store or carpentry shop. You will also need a cutter to cut the plywood sheets at the size that fits your bed. When these things are prepared, you are ready to do the next step.

Prepare the Plywood Sheets

As you have already cut the plywood sheets by now, make sure to cut it just a few inches shorter and narrower than your mattress so it doesn’t wiggle out and you whack your shin while making the bed. To make it look good and hinder deterioration, painting it with a primer will help seal the glue fumes from the plywood. To protect the plywood sheets further, place a sheet of vinyl or plastic on top of it to eliminate the formation of moisture on the wood.


Position the Mattress

Remove the things on your mattress such as the pillows, the sheets and clothes. Then pull the mattress from the foundation frame of the bed as you will need to set up the area for the plywood sheet. Arrange the plywood neatly on the frame and place the mattress on top neatly and as fit as possible. Position the mattress in a way that you can check that it does not sag. If you feel that it still does sag, repeat the procedure and you can even put some pillow and folded blankets as these give a lift for the mattress. After doing the “plywood trick,” tidy up the bedroom and consider carpet cleaning in Hobart.

Another thing you can do is to flip the mattress at interval periods. Rotate it in 180 degrees so you can put the bottom at the top and top at the bottom. This will help develop a good body groove for your mattress. Also, do check if the box springs are worn out. Replacing them is less costly than buying a whole new mattress.


It is not a very nice feeling to be like sleeping in a hole. Unless you want backaches and sleep problems, you are free to stay on an old mattress. But nobody really prefers to be in that bad situation. You can opt to stabilize your sagging bed mattress with these steps by preparing the kits and following the instructions. Ask help from a kind neighbor or friend if you can’t do it by yourself.