Taking control over the energies – be it the good or the bad, is in our hands. There are various means and methods to tame the energy that surrounds us and one among them is through implementing Feng Shui. Feng Shui makes sure that you are surrounded by positivity, humbly eradicating all the negative energies around you. An office is a place where all the brains get together towards achieving the same goal. And when you have the right Feng Shui in your office you could never fall short of some really productive results. Read on to find out some amazing office Feng Shui tips.

Feng Shui Tips for accentuating positivity in your office

1. Creating the perfect balance

Talking about lights, do not make them too loud nor too dim disturbing the flow of energy. If you install bright colored light then there are chances that the employees might get distracted and when you there is a dim light they feel quite difficult to work efficiently. Keep the lights on flat ceilings as this is the best way to pour in some positivity.

2. The Locker it up

A good locker that perfectly matches the office decor should be installed so as to avoid cluttering the surroundings. Avoid using the color black for your locker as it might aid in boosting up the negative element. Refrain from keeping the lockers facing south in case you are loading it with money or important financial documents. You could very well experiment with variety keeping in mind the above-mentioned points. You will come across a wide range of lockers at Probe Lockers Ltdstorage lockers supplier and many such locker supplying stores. Make sure that you make the right choice with the right attitude.

3. The perfect art and craft display

Deck up your workspace with inspiring artworks and posters of some famous people whom you could look up to. Your office should be the modest reflection of what you want your life to be and how you wish to lead and hence make it inspiring. The laughing Buddha, the pakwa mirror, the metal turtle and plate, the three-legged frog are some of the feng shui items that should be given a try.

4. Battle between spaces

balancing spaces is one of the important needs and requirements of an office space. You should not make it overly spacious, nor should it be cluttered with too many things. The yin and yang of the Feng Shui element should have the perfect combination to bring out the best of both worlds. There should be a perfect combination of the perfectly cornered furniture and soft furniture. The blend of soft and vibrant colors, sharp and flowing shapes all generously contributing to the positivity in the workspace.

5. A desk that reflects neatness

Your desk is the reflection of your personality. A clean desk reflects an organized mind. Apart from keeping it clean make efforts to decorate it with desk plants, some creative and inspiring items that are deemed to bring in some positivity and all these should be placed to the right. Moreover, you could also go for keeping all your personal things – be it the mobile phones or notepads, in your desk locker where you could be sure of its safety. The Probe Lockers Ltd – storage lockers supplier could be relied upon for the best of storage solutions. There are many such authentic locker stores where you could get the best of storage solutions for your office.

6. The perfect color coordination

How good we feel to work in an office that exhibits serenity and the right amount of vibrancy. To bring about this feeling we could play with colors. The colors that represent the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water, can be generously used to paint out positivity in the office.

Make use of the following colors:

  • Green – symbolizes growth, energy, healing and new beginnings.
  • Lavender – symbolizes nobility, power and mystery.
  • Colors that represent the earth tones such as terracotta, brown or even pale yellow can be imbibed.
  • Blue should not be ignored as it instills smooth vibrations.
  • White represents purity, new possibilities and focus.

Final Note

An office is a place where you get the wheels of your brains churning and grinding to something that is sure to bring about a difference in a world that needs a difference. It all depends on how dedicated you are towards your job and how gracefully you complete them. These Feng Shui tips make sure that all your energies are rightly coined to bring out the best possible results