There are some staple jobs that are profitable wherever you go. However, some of the most lucrative ones actually vary from state to state, depending on the resources and infrastructure of the area. If you currently like in Virginia or if you are thinking of moving there, then you might consider entering one of the following professions if you value your time and effort and want it to be compensated appropriately.

1. Surgeon:

It is probably no surprise to you that surgeons made the list of lucrative careers in Virginia. Their average salary is well over $250,000 with some specialists making over $100,000 as a starting salary.

Of course, it’s not easy money. While the money is enticing, becoming a surgeon takes an intense amount of dedication and time. Additionally, because of the many years of schooling that becoming a surgeon requires, many surgeons rack up obscene amounts of debt in the process. Luckily, they generally make enough to pay off their loans eventually. The accumulation of debt is still a risk one must consider.

2. CEO:

Chief Executive Officers tend to make a good deal of money, yet they have to work long hours, and they have immense responsibility placed on their shoulders. If any part of the business fails, then ultimately the blame will be placed on the CEO. All major decisions of a business go through the CEO. However, if you want a challenging and fulfilling career, then becoming a CEO may be a great move for you.

3. Contractor:

This one may come as a bit more of a surprise to you, but contractors who work on bigger projects actually make a great deal of money. Unlike the other jobs described previously discussed, contractors generally have more autonomy over the work they do with the ability to schedule projects when they want them to be done.

It is also a very hands-on job, which is great for those who cannot fathom the thought of sitting in an office cubicle all day every day. If this is something that you may be interested in, then check out this website that will teach you how to get a license in Virginia.

4. Dentists:

If you have taken a trip to the dentist recently and taken a look at your bill afterward, then it probably does not surprise you that dentists make the list of the highest paying jobs in Virginia.

Those entering this profession should proceed with some caution though. While helping people maintain gorgeous smiles may be fulfilling for some, unfortunately, the dentistry profession is also intensely stressful. The stress of the workload coupled with the displeasure and distrust from many patients prove too much to handle for some dentists. If you decide that you want to be a dentist, you just have to make sure that it will be the right fit for you.

5. Air Traffic Controllers:

This is likely a profession you have never considered before, but with many airports in Virginia, this is a job that is more available then you may think. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safety of everyone at an airport because they coordinate the order in which planes take off and land to ensure that there are no collisions. This job requires intense focus and precision, but it is fast-paced and remarkably fulfilling for many.

While all these jobs have their challenges, they all provide quite the pay-off and are greatly enjoyed by many. Take into consideration the challenges that each occupation presents so that you are prepared to handle them and excel instead of being overwhelmed and failing. Even though money is not everything, it still is an important factor to consider. After all, everyone needs to make money in some way, shape, or form in order to survive. If you want to be well-compensated for the work you do, then you cannot go wrong with any of the options above in the state of Virginia.