In the world of today, trends are something that everyone looks to follow in some way or the other. Earlier, since it was a lot more expensive, folks with deeper pockets would go for most of the trends. No longer is that the case anymore. With everything having become a lot more reasonably priced, more and more people have the opportunity to explore a large variety of trends and figure out which of those trends suit them the best. To sum it up – things have never been easier for people who are still looking to make a mark in the realm of photography, due to the sheer variety of options that are available out there.

With so many technological breakthroughs happening nowadays, one just has to blink and a couple of trends will go by. Such is the nature of the ever-changing atmosphere of trends that we live in, whether it’s photography in west yorkshire or anywhere else. One cannot hope to keep up with all of the trends, hence it is much better to focus on a few key trends than cast a wide net on all of the emerging trends, regardless of how influential they may or may not be.

Here are the top three photography trends to look out for in the new year:-

  • DSLRs carving out a niche for themselves: Long gone is the myth that one has to have a big camera to be a good photographer. Not only are smartphones over shape and size catching up, but the staggering pace of technology has also helped.

    The new DSLRs not only do the same job a lot better, but they are also a lot easier, lighter and smaller to carry around. And if you know how to customise your smartphone to suit your choices and needs, it can do a fantastic job of covering every kind of photography from wildlife to even jewellery photography.
  • Videos are not going anywhere: In fact, they could enter every realm of our lives very soon. Every smartphone now has the ability to take high-quality videos and the trend has also taken off in various e-commerce portals as well.

    With the reduction of attention spans, you can make a story in the form of a video, making it easier for your customers and visitors to get engaged in your content.
  • The rise of natural candid shots: This is a stark contrast to the previous year where most people were obsessed about portraits. Not only does this promote both originality and authenticity, but people are able to relate to these kind of photos a lot easier.

    The interesting part is that while this trend favours the use of natural light above most other aspects, photographers will also have to step out of their comfort zone and kick things up a notch or two.

Although it is much too easy to say how things will be as of now, but in due time, these trends do have the power to change the way pictures will be clicked in the future. Such is the nature of trends that some of them will resonate with most people while other trends will fade away in time.

Having said that, there is one key point to be made. And that is the fact that you can do all your homework and hire the best portrait photographer in Leeds or anywhere else, but jumping into the latest trends without any foresight or thought would not be wise on your part. By doing this, you will not only be left feeling confused and overwhelmed, but are more than likely to select the wrong trends.