Thailand is famously known as “land of smiles”, one of the popular destinations in the world for backpackers. Everything from stunning beaches on Southern Islands to beautiful landscapes on North as well as its rich history and culture fascinates traveller. However, whenever you book your Pattaya packages, there are few things to keep in mind to save yourself from any trouble. You will find Thai people some of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world, still be careful of their beliefs, customs and etiquette. As there are lot of things not to do in Thailand to avoid disrespecting the local culture.

Refrain from Touching People’s Head

The head in Thai culture is considered as most sacred part of the body and when you touch someone’s head, it is believed that you are basically disrespecting that person. That’s why one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are in Thailand is never touch anyone in the head. Similarly, never point at anything with your feet because this action is considered as an insult or disrespect. So, refrain from touching anyone in the head and pointing at anything with your feet.

Do Not Touch or Hug the Monks

Monks are most highly respected peoples in Thailand, that’s why standing over or being placed higher than them is firmly prohibited. Monks are not supposed to touch women, so if you are a woman keep it in mind and never touch the monk. Pattaya packages Even while using local transports, monks are not supposed to sit next to a woman. So, if you get an empty seat next to the monk, do not sit otherwise it will force them to stand. Men’s are allowed to touch them but while keeping a respectful distance and they are also not supposed to hug them.

 Don’t Keep Your Shoes On

While entering any home, temples, shops, cultural sites and even some restaurant you have to remove your shoes, it is considered disrespectful to keep your shoes on while entering these places. That’s why people prefer to wear flip-flop or light-weight sandals, because they are easily removable. When you are roaming around, if you see a pile of sandals by the door, remove yours too before stepping inside.

Avoid Public Displays of Affection

People are quite conservative in remote towns, and most Thais don’t even hold hands or hug in public, so it is advisable that do not fall into the trap of your emotions and avoid your public displays of affection while visiting Thailand. Kissing is not allowed publicly, enjoy your intimate moments when you’re alone in your hotel room or on any deserted beach.

Never Disrespect Royal Family

Royal family and kings are highly respected in Thai society. The golden rule is, when you are in any other country respect the sentiments of local people and their culture, otherwise you will be in a big mess. You will find lots of banners or pictures in honour of Royal family throughout the country. Never say anything negative towards them, it will be highly disrespectful because Thai peoples pay high regards to their kings as well as culture.

Beach wears are for beaches only.

Thailand is a tropical country where most days are sunny and warm, however people living in the area that sees lots of travellers throughout the year are quite open, but still keep in mind, Beach wears are for beaches only. Wearing beach attire to roam around in the city is considered impolite by local people and it is not acceptable to remove your clothing in public. Also, while visiting temples or cultural sites, be extra careful and wear long skirts or trousers and cover your shoulders. You can also carry sarong with you to cover up your shoulders or wrap around your west whenever needed.

Be careful while Buying Buddha Pictures/Statues

To take or send any pictures of Buddha out of the country you need a special permission. If you will try to take it without permission, it will become highly illegal. Beware of the shopkeepers who will try to sell you these pictures, without informing you about the regulations of taking them home.

Never Whistle at Night

Thai peoples are superstitious and believe that whistling at night brings bad luck because by whistling you’re calling the evil spirits. So, this is one of the tips to remember, as Thai people gets uneasy if they hear a whistle after dark.

Beware of Scammers

Scammers can be found all over in Thailand and they have developed a well-developed network from decades. So, refrain from buying jewellery that is endorsed by people on streets, and don’t believe in the phrases showing huge discounts lasting for the day or week only. That’s a trick to create pressure on you and convince you for buying expensive jewelleries at “exclusive” prices. Thai peoples are friendly but don’t trust everyone blindly. Specially, the Tuk-tuk drivers, they will try to persuade you to visit a special gem shop where tourists are usually harassed, possibly drugged, and told that they can buy cheap hand cut jewels, which they can later sell at home for large profit.  However, most victims are cheated and instead of costly jewelleries they are handed over with costume jewellery.

Say No to Drugs

Thailand has a lively nightlife, full Moon parties but that doesn’t mean illegal drug use is overlooked by police. Thailand has some of the strictest drug penalties in the world, so it is advisable to avoid getting involved with such substances at any cost in order to enjoy your Pattaya Packages otherwise you will be in trouble and lend up in jail even with a small amount of illegal drug. That’s why never ever partake in any illegal drug activities when you’re in Thailand.

There are few things in Thailand to remember, so once you have planned the trip and booked your Pattaya packages, do check out for things to avoid in Thailand to enjoy each and every moment of your trip.