These worktops might have a futuristic name that leads you to believe the engineering is beyond its time, but the material is natural quartz, which has been around for ages. Some would say this quartz has superpowers and the manufacturing process involves sintered particle technology. This allows the stone itself to be compacted much greater than it ever would be in a natural environment. This allows the company to take a natural product and create something that’s almost indestructible.

Customised Possibilities

These Dekton worktops are constructed from materials that are easily customised to meet any specifications required. The technology allows the material to be made into larger slabs then would be possible just from the cut stones like marble and granite. This means they work great for larger kitchen islands and other similar situations. The surfaces can also be sleeker and thinner than just ordinary natural stones, which gives it an ultra-modern look. Just take a look at your local kitchen showroom and you’ll be able to see how stunning they look.

With typical stone slabs, there are visible seams, but with these, the entire countertop can be put into place and be absent of any visible seams. Most people find this very appealing. This process also means that fitting the countertops is easier because the weight is lighter.

The surfaces made by Dekton are bonded with resin and compressed much more than with usual processes. This means that they’re considerably more UV resistant. For those of you that are planning to make an incredible outdoor kitchen or barbecue, then this will be the perfect stone for that situation. These surfaces are even able to maintain themselves throughout the horrid British winters and will keep their gleaming look for the summer events; they don’t require any maintenance.

Durable Beyond Compare

Dekton chopping boards are so strong they even protect the knives you use on them. The surface is polished or matte and compressed in a way that preserves its strength. When you use this material, the whole family will find that they don’t need to worry about any accidental impacts that might occur from heavy use or the kind of use these surfaces are commonly put through with large families.

Protection Proof

The surfaces of these tops totally minimises the concern of damage occurring to the material. Because of how densely it’s compacted, the surface has no ability to absorb anything. This means that household chemicals, heat, liquids that normally stain, and water never penetrate and they’re not a challenge for the material. It’s also a great product to use in the bathroom because it will easily maintain good hygiene while also providing an atmosphere that is relaxing. Because it is non-porous, water can’t penetrate the surface. It greatly reduces the need for using any type of abrasive cleaners, which means the bathroom can be used exclusively for relaxation, rather than cleaning.

No Maintenance

Almost all customers who want to use stone as a worktop want it for its durability, as that is one of their major priorities. Even so, natural surfaces like marble and granite will still have to be sealed once they’re installed. This process will mean those stones will need to be resealed or restored to maintain their vibrancy. With Dekton this is not a concern as these worktops will never need refinishing or resurfacing.

More Choices

Just like quartz, these surfaces are available with a wide selection of grains and hues. This material offers an appearance that has a similar uniformity to quartz and this increases its vibrancy and clarity over long periods of time. The manufacturing process allows you to be certain of the amount of graining that you’ll get with the installation of the product. This allows your kitchen design to remain consistent regardless of its size. The process also means that it’s easier to create spectacular designs that feature slabs that have remarkably contrasting tones, backsplashes, and kitchen islands. It is done in a way that is very uniform and provides a more creative power over the stone.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is to be expected that a stone with superpowers would have a super price. Even so, these are very comparable to other stone surfaces. Considering that the product is made to last a lifetime and will maintain its attractiveness and its ability to function during that lifetime, the price is considered to be a great value.