If you want to put something on the table quickly, wraps are a fantastic choice. You roll in what you want, and you’re done! With the right filling you are quick and healthy. Unfortunately, many people always actually eat their wraps in the same way. That may seem easier, but also with some variation you can still be done quickly!

And in addition, variety is also a lot healthier. Today we are going to talk about healthy wraps with chicken. Does that sound like a combination that you cannot deal with? At the end of this blog you probably think otherwise!

Are Wraps Healthy?

Healthy wraps with chicken are of course difficult to make without wraps. Many people feel that wraps are unhealthy by definition. That is fortunately very easy – you just have to choose the right one. The wholemeal variant is fine in itself, especially if you fill the wrap with healthy fillings.

Another nice option is to go for wraps with vegetables. At the Mumbai Square you can now buy beet wraps and root wraps, which consist of a third of beet or root. Do you want wraps without additives? Then you can also make them yourself.

Why Chicken?

And why do we limit ourselves exactly to chicken in this article? Many people use chicken as one of their most important protein sources. That is not surprising, because it concerns lean proteins, with hardly any fat. In addition, chicken is also a lot cheaper than many other meats.

Unfortunately, most of the cock lovers switch very little with the recipes they make. And that is a shame, because there is really more potential than that eternal brown rice!

Make Wraps with Chicken

If you want to make healthy wraps with chicken, you will of course have to add some more ingredients. Vegetable is an important first category. That is also a category with which you can vary considerably – and even better, it is even wise to vary a lot here. After all, not all vegetables deliver the same benefits.

In some cases, fruit can also be delicious to add to the wrap. Apart from that, herbs and sauces are of course important extras. They give just a little extra flavor and variety to the whole!

Wraps with Chicken Recipes

We will give you no less than seven different suggestions for healthy wraps with chicken below. Some are more protein-rich than others; others contain a lot of vegetables: look especially at what fits your diet, so! You can of course also slide to your heart’s content with the quantities of ingredients. This way you can easily create your ideal wraps with chicken.

  • Chicken and huttenkase

Huttenkase is just like chicken a great lean protein source. A perfect combination, so! Cover your wrap with 1 tablespoon of huttenkase and a couple of slices of chicken fillet. Then add a big hand of lettuce and some halved cherry tomatoes, and you’re done! A little chive provides an extra fresh taste, and for even more protein you can also add some slices of roast beef or beef smoke.

  • Chicken and peanut sauce

Who does not like peanut sauce? If you make it yourself, you can still enjoy it without any problems. A very quick peanut sauce is made from peanut butter (without sugar), a dash of water or milk and a little bit of soy sauce. Combine that with grilled chicken breast, good hand bean sprouts, strips of paprika and some lettuce. A squeezed lime juice over it makes for a fresh sweet accent.

  • Chicken with mango

Another Asian-inspired combination! Use shortly stir-fried cauliflower rice as the basis for the filling (you can buy this at the Albert Heijn ready-to-eat), Season with coriander and spring onions. Then add pieces of grilled chicken and mango, and finish with some dried coconut!

  • Chicken with soy sauce

The last Asian combination for today is especially flavored with soy sauce. Fry the chicken first, and add a dash of it. A little sesame oil is also delicious, for a somewhat nutty taste. The rest of the filling consists of stir-fried vegetables; think, for example, of sweet pepper, leek, broccoli or carrot. Whatever you like!

  • Chicken with pesto

A classic combination is of course chicken with pesto. Spinach is very tasty! Stir fry the spinach briefly to let it shrink, and add a spoonful of cream. Fill the wraps with the spinach, chicken and a good spoonful of pesto. (If you really want to keep it healthy, then of course you make that pesto yourself!)

  • Chicken and avocado

What about healthy fats? Then this is the ideal recipe. Prak per wrap half an avocado and spread the wrap with it and then add the pieces of chicken and a good hand. Tomatoes can also be very tasty here. Extra protein anda spoonfull of low-fat quark make it extra creamy.