Something that can certainly be scary is a sudden injury. Accidents can happen nearly anywhere at any time. Still, we don’t expect them, and they can be horrific to endure. After receiving an injury, you should try to keep a clear head. What you do directly afterwards can determine both your future health as well as your economic livelihood. After you have gotten through the initial incident, be sure to continue to take care of yourself. Below are some tips for what you should do after a surprising injury.

Obtain Emergency Medical Care

Your number one concern after a surprise injury should be your own health. If you don’t have a serious injury attended to immediately, it could lead to permanent disability or even death. Call 9-1-1 if you believe your injury is serious. Do what the operator tells you to and wait for the ambulance to arrive. After the immediate concerns have been addressed, follow the instructions of your doctor to spend up the recovery process.

Take Photos of the Scene

Something else you should do after a surprise injury is to create evidence to preserve the facts of what happened. Take some photos with your phone. If you were hit by a car, take photos of the crash. If you slipped on ice, take photos of the icy sidewalk. Also, certainly take photos of your injury.

Get Eye Witness Contact Information

If anyone witnessed the accident, you should try to get their contact information before they leave the scene. This is crucial information to have if you believe the accident was another party’s fault and you want to seek personal injury attorney services. Their testimony can make the difference in court. Having another voice to help verify your account establishes your credibility.

Contact the Police

If the injury was serious and was caused by another party, you should also consider contacting the police. The existence of a police report describing the accident and the scene can be great evidence to have to prove your side of the story. The other party may have even been acting criminal in regards to their actions or negligence.

Contact Your Insurance

If you believe the accident that caused your injury is covered by one of your insurance policies, you should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. Doing so will be key to getting your claim approved in a timely manner so you don’t have to suffer the economic consequences of your injury. If another party was at fault, you should also obtain their insurance information.

Injury causing accidents can sadly happen at any time. However, no matter how scary or painful they are, you need to try to keep a clear head after such an injury. What you do directly afterwards can have big consequences for both your health as well as your financial livelihood. After the immediate consequences, it is important to look after yourself. Follow the instructions of your doctor and be patient as your injury heals. Following the above tips right after your injury will help your recovery process be as smooth as possible.