With winter holidays just around the corner and a cold winter on the horizon, a good old-fashioned road trip may be just what you need to enjoy the holiday cheer and beat the winter blues. Where better place to go than Florida?

Here are some “must haves” that you should definitely consider when packing and preparing for your car trip.

Cooler Full of Healthy Food

Dining out while on the road can get expensive and may also be unhealthy. While it’s fun to enjoy a milkshake at a classic diner or eat a perfectly done steak in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, it’s best to stock up on healthy foods that won’t spoil right away.

Turkey sandwiches, trail mix, crunchy vegetables, and fresh fruit will give you the energy to get to your destination. Don’t want to shop beforehand? Stop at a grocery store while you’re on the road. Don’t forget to have water stocked up and ready at any time. Be sure to pack plenty of ice once you hit the Florida heat.

Tech Accessories

Even if you’re planning on “going off-grid” while lounging on the beaches of Florida, you will probably want to send a few snaps or post on Instagram. Packing an extra phone charger and making sure you have a car charger is always a good idea.

You can always try to hunt one down while in Florida but who wants to look for a charging card when you could be swimming or napping in the shade of a beach umbrella?

A Car Emergency Kit

If you’re traveling from a cold Northern state down to the warm temps of Florida, you may be tempted to leave your winter coat at home. While you probably won’t need it as you travel further south, it’s important to bring along.

When it comes to bringing an emergency car kit, bring a mix of cold and warm weather kits. Don’t forget to throw in a spare set of keys and a first aid kit, too.

Light Clothing and Sunscreen

Desperate to lay out in the sun? Even if you want to return to your Winter Wonderland with a “sun-kissed” look, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and pack light clothing. Breathable layers, like a cotton shirt, will keep you cool but can also protect you from the strong mid-day sun.

Plan Ahead, Get Help With Navigation

As you may already know, Florida is a popular destination for many folks during the holidays and the winter months. Highways can become more congested than usual, and the risk of a car accident is even greater.

Traveling in unknown areas can be stressful enough, but if you have factors like traffic congestion, road construction, and even re-routing directions, your road trip may be anything but fun. Florida NavMap gives you real-time traffic conditions throughout Florida so you can plan ahead and find out what to avoid; it’s an essential online tool residents and tourists alike.

Whatever you pack for your road trip to Florida, just make sure that you have a good time and pack items that keep you safe and happy.