Even with increased connectivity and technology, there has been no pause in the need for business executives to travel. In fact, with the rise of globalization, companies have been able to spread their wings further and this has led to a further increase in business travel. With the entry of the young executives into the workforce; who are open to the idea of traveling on business than the older generation it is anticipated that business travel will continue to rise. Some hot tips that will make your business travel easier to manage:

Join Travel Programs

Joining travel programs can bring a whole host of benefits to business travelers such as being able to skip queues or even enjoy priority boarding. There are a number of travel programs that you can join; for domestic travel, you can consider TSA PreCheck, while for international travel Nexus, Global Entry or Sentri are quite popular. To get the best out of the reward and frequent flier programs, you should always make it a point to travel by just one or two carriers – this will allow you to clock up the miles faster and make you eligible to receive bigger benefits.

Even for hotel stays, it is a good idea to patronize one or two hotel chains and maximize the benefits allowed by them under their customer loyalty programs. These hotels will generally offer a number of benefits to their guest programs such as discounts on room rates, access to conference and meeting rooms, fitness and gym facilities, and more. Visit http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/ for the latest offers for business travelers, if you are thinking of taking a well-deserved break from business travel with a wildlife vacation.

Relaxing While On the Go

It is a good idea to arrive at the airport well before the time of scheduled departure even if you have checked in over the phone or the web and qualify for priority boarding. Find out if you have access to any of the executive lounges because of your program membership or because of a credit card facility and use it to relax before boarding. Even if you have a pile of work to catch up with, resist the temptation to open up your laptop at the airport or during short flights because in real terms there is very little that is actually achieved.

On the longer flights, try and get some sleep, and when you are awake stand-up and take a walk every hour or so to reduce the chances of blood clots forming in your legs. Unless you are sure of their cleanliness, try and avoid airline pillows and blankets and use your own. While flying, eat lightly and try and avoid alcohol as it can dehydrate you. Drink lots of water so that you remain hydrated and prevent your skin, eyes, and lips from drying out.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

When you travel on business, the first things that go out of the window are adequate sleep and proper nutrition. However hectic your business travel schedule might be, you need to remember that you can only stay alert and effective if you do not deprive yourself of adequate sleep – make sure that you get at least six to seven hours of high-quality sleep without any sort of disturbance.

It can be a great temptation to savor the local cuisine, especially if you are visiting exotic countries in Asia but take care not to go overboard. It is best to take the advice of your local colleagues and eat out with lots of care. Avoid an overdose of hot and spicy food, if you are not used to it and make sure that you drink packaged water at all times. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go. Also, make sure that you wash your hands frequently, especially before and after meals.