It is now a well-established fact that swimming is one of the best exercises that help in keeping your body healthy and mind fresh. Swimming is, in fact, recommended by medical experts to people with certain health problems. As such, it is considered to be one of the proven ways of losing weight. Several people, especially women, join swimming with the primary intention of losing weight and taking the swimming lessons in Katy from the accomplished trainers can actually help you get into a better shape. But, many are not sure of how exactly swimming helps in losing weight. If you are one among them, it is time to learn the secret tips and tactics. Here, take a look at some of these.

High Calorie Burn– The foremost and the most obvious way in which swimming helps you lose weight is by burning your calories to an extent that no other exercise can. An hour of vigorous swimming burns about 500-750 calories. However, you need to keep in mind the necessity to lose weight but stay healthy at the same time. And for this, knowing the correct stroke style and combining the swimming workout sessions with healthy eating is of immense importance.

Resistance Training– All kinds of exercises including running or cycling leads to a cardiovascular workout that helps in weight loss to some extent. But swimming does something extra to take you steps ahead in achieving your weight loss goals. It offers you with water resistance and forces you to overcome the resistance, allowing you to shed some additional calories in the process.

Freestyle Stroke– While swimming, in general, is a great exercise for losing weight, certain strokes and styles, in particular, are of special importance. And one of these is the front stroke or the freestyle stroke, which can burn 500-700 calories depending on how quickly you are swimming. While doing the front stroke, make sure alternating your arm strokes and kicking with a little extra force. The face should ideally be down in the water while you can keep rotating your head side to side to breathe comfortably.

Backstroke– Swimming with backstroke is yet another challenging workout that helps significantly in losing weight. Backstrokes usually appear easy but in reality, lying on your back while moving your arms and legs vigorously enables loss of approximately 500 calories in an hour. Practicing backstroke regularly for a considerable period can gift you with your desired figure.

Lunges– Swimming in a pool offers a lot of natural resistance and this resistance can be used to tone down particular parts of your body. Lunges typically help in toning your thighs and shaping your backside. You can do lunges in a shallow end of the pool and this exercise will require you to go from one wall to another in deep walking lunges. Hold each lunge for about five seconds before moving on to the next and you will automatically feel the pressure on your thighs.

Playing around a Ball– A pool party is always fun but did you ever imagine that a pool party could even be a way to lose weight? Well, playing a round of volleyball with your friends in the water is a remarkable exercise. This is because it will require you to swim, jump and tread in the water all at the same time. Since you will be enjoying the whole of it, you will not even feel like you are exercising with a certain weight loss goal in mind.

Heavy Bathing Suit– If you want to lose weight rather fast and if you are in pretty good health, try putting on a heavy bathing suit. By adding this extra weight, you will feel the resistance more and your calories will burn faster. If swimming has already helped you in getting slimmer, then try out this tactic to shed the last extra 5-10 pounds.

Follow the above mentioned tips and boast of an enviable figure and a healthy body. Join a reputed swim school and let the swim experts in Katy guide you through the process.