It really is no secret that a good number of college graduates today face the problem of underemployment that is coupled with joblessness. To assist in easing this burden, it is prudent for students to launch some startup businesses while still in college. These businesses, if developed further, could be the source of their income for a good part of their life even after college.

In light of this, below are some of the best startup ideas that college students can actualize while still in college:


You can start tutoring other students and make a decent income from it

Exceptional entrepreneurs are aware that for a business to have a great breakthrough, there is the need for the business to reflect the unique skill sets that they have been endowed with. As a college student, there is a high likelihood that you will thrive best as a tutor if you take up tutoring in your specific area of study/expertise. A good example is if you are a literature major, you could offer help in writing pieces such as a nature vs nurture essay.

Many schools normally offer some free tutoring sessions but the downside to this is that they are often times available on limited schedules. You can take advantage of this and start a business that offers private tutoring classes during the time frames that the free sessions are not available. During the evenings or even late in the night are some of the most strategic times that you can choose and you’ll receive a good reception from students.

In case you reside in a college town, you can choose to post fliers in local shops and libraries. This is because a vast number of parents would cherish the idea of a current college going student assisting their high school kids with writing application essays. You could also take to online advertisements whereby you can make your tutoring services known via the various social media platforms that are at your disposal.

House and Apartment Cleaning

Many people are in need of cleaning services

It is common knowledge that college students do not have a reputation for cleanliness. However, you should dare to be different and even go a step further and use this to your advantage. All you have to do is ensure that you know your way around using a scrub brush as it could be the tool that will make your cleaning business a success.

You could start by cleaning houses and apartments around the campus and then extend your services to family, friends, and members of your university’s faculty. These are enough areas for you to acquire the much-needed reputation that will serve as a stepping stone for you to expand into the general community.

Most of the large cleaning companies normally charge exorbitant rates for their cleaning services thus making college students and the college fraternity at large to be a source of loyal customers because of your lower charges and good quality of services.

Starting a cleaning business

You can do some research online on how to start your cleaning venture. There is a lot of information available on the web, take advantage of this!

Transportation and Delivery

The transport industry has virtually endless possibilities

Ask yourself this question, if Uber drivers are able to earn a hefty sum of cash from offering travel services that are based in their communities, what is there to stop an average student from doing the same?

In case you live in a place where there is a vivid void in public transportation, you can consider starting a transport and delivery franchise of your own. All you need to have is a driving license and a means to access a vehicle. This could help you to earn a great living from taking your fellow students to local targets and even delivering various takeout meals from the nearby restaurants. In a nutshell, you will find that the transport industry has virtually endless possibilities in the avenues with which you can flesh out a reliable source of income.


Web design and development have in recent times become very lucrative

For the various students that have majored in technology, the web design, and web development industry is one that can earn you some serious income. The types of jobs that you can exploit using the skills you acquire from your classes are simply limitless. Simple projects that have good pay such as making logo designs are at your disposal as well as revamping various websites.

More complex jobs that require good web designing knowledge such as building website platforms are also yours for the taking and at great prices too. It is also important to note that the above jobs are not restricted to technology majors alone. In case you have the necessary skills that can help you to thrive in the web designing world, feel free to put them to good use and come up with a money-minting business for yourself.


The world that we live in presently is quite unforgiving and does not have the courtesy of allowing one to succeed immediately after leaving college. In light of this, it is of the essence for college students to begin startup businesses like those that have been expounded on above while still in college in order to assist them to stand a better chance of success after graduation.