If you want to look fashionable and put-together at work but cannot muster enough energy and time every week to spend time on it. Most of us are busy and could always use the extra hour of sleep instead of spending it blowdrying our hair. For those of you, there are some tips and tricks that you can pull off in a very short time. Here are a few tried cheats that will make you appear chic while you will still be comfortable.

1. Long Layers :

Any fashion blogger will tell you that the easiest and most foolproof tip to look chic lies in the layering. There is something about a long jacket or duster that will never get old and looks totally stylish regardless of what you wear under it. Whether it is jeans and sneakers or loafers and black pants, you will look fashionable if you wear a long jacket on over it. A duster or a trench will work for rainy summer days as well as cool nights, and a wool jacket will work for crisp fall. You can couple your clothes with a flattering silhouette and easy comfort.

2. Dress Pants :

There are tons of trendy pant styles like track pants and bell bottoms. But there is nothing more tried and appropriate for any occasion than a well-fitted dress pant. You can pair your fitted pants with a loosely fitted top with the fabulous coco bra, which will make you appear very chic.

3. Heels :

Although not every outfit is good for heels, and many women prefer to wear flats over heels any day. But, if you are comfortable enough in a heel in your everyday wear and can easily wear them casually with a regular outfit, you will look that much more put together than in a flat. If you find heels to be hard, as a swap-out, you can try a sandal with more detail, like pom poms, rhinestones, laces, buckles, or a flat with a pop of color.

4. Earrings :

On the days when you put on a tee shirt and a pair of jeans and, a nice pair of statement earrings can make all of it feel elevated. It feels good to have a little weight dangling from your earlobes and will make you feel like a responsible adult. You can pair them with some stripped or plain tops and shirts.

5. Leggings :

You may think that leggings are considered as your comfort-first attitude instead of a sign of impossibly chic wardrobe. People may not even consider them appropriate for work. But leggings can also look work-appropriate and extremely sophisticated when you reinvented them. You can get a thick cotton pair, rather than a shiny spandex material, with pant-like details such as obvious seams or zippers. Pair leggings with longer tops like a sweater and crisp button-up or long blazer. Boots, black heels, or ballet flats will elongate your look and make your attire put-together and stylish.

These looks will work every time and will make you look classy.