Ever since the introduction of methadone in the year 1947, the drug was considered to be one of the most effective opioid treatment medications. However, with more and more usage, the ugly side of methadone has resulted in taking over its popularity.

Previously methadone was widely used for the treatment of opioid addicts because it claimed to offer unmatched success. Even when some people might have found success in the treatment, but most of them have ended up becoming an addict of this drug.  To get rid of this addiction, hurry up and get in touch with the Suboxone Treatment Centers Providence.

The increasing numbers of patients in the year 2012 has compelled the nation to think about it. CDC or the Centers for Disease Control has reported that almost 1/3 of the deaths associated with the prescription drug were associated with methadone overdose.

With every year the counts started rising unbelievably due to methadone addiction and abuse. This resulted in looking for a new treatment named Suboxone in the year 2002. The drug was carefully formulated keeping in mind the chances of addiction. This new drug is actually the combination of two different drugs namely Buprenorphine and Naloxone along with the perfect rival of methadone. Suboxone is the partial opioid agonist whereas methadone is full; hence Suboxone offers farfetched benefits than the methadone.

After decades of research and after constant examining, Suboxone was eventually realized to be far more effective and has less potential of getting abused in comparison to methadone.


Just like methadone, Suboxone is also a synthetic opioid. However, like its competitor that was made to primarily kill the pain and then making the person an opioid dependent, Suboxone aims to fight against addiction from the primary move.

This drug constitutes of 80% Buprenorphine which is a partial opioid agonist and the left 20 percent is Naloxone, which blocks opioid effects. The person needs to be constantly under medical supervision before taking this medication. As soon as someone takes this medication, the Buprenorphine present in the Suboxone will bind to the brain’s receptor and slightly activates them thereby getting rid of withdrawal symptoms. On the other side, Naloxone which is working in the background completely blocks opioid effects thereby ensuring the body to feel normal and not feeling high.

After several years of observation, studies and surveys have observed that Suboxone has resulted in providing positive result in people’s lives. It has helped several families to recover patients who are an opioid addict. The “Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectivespublished that Suboxone medication has resulted in 45% lesser emergency room visits. It has become an integral part when it comes to keeping individual away from abusing them from opioid.

As we all know since these are drugs, some nominal side effects will always be there. Well, it is pretty normal among every drug. Suppose you take a medicine for allergy, you are certainly going to feel dizzy, sleepy, and unable to move whereas having a health drink will immediately energize you. So, some of the most observed side effects that comes with Suboxone include headache, dizziness, numbness around your mouth, vomiting, unable to concentrate and Insomnia.

Even when these are some of the side effects that might affect you, but on consultation with the Suboxone Doctor Providence, you can fight against it, as they will provide you immediate knowledge on how to overcome these side effects.

Potential for Suboxone Abuse:

When does a person start getting addicted? Usually, when they tend to feel relaxed or good on having some medication or activity, just like dopamine which has immediate action, they develop a dependency. As soon as the patient stop taking, the brain starts giving signals of cravings compelling your body to react differently. Unless and till dopamine is given into the body, the patients’ behavioral activity will go out of control.

The scenario is completely different in case of Suboxone. The reason is because Buprenorphine is not strong and therefore product mild effect on the brain cells. Moreover, the presence of Naloxone in combination to the former eliminates the chances of getting euphoric effect even more. This is the reason why, Suboxone is much safer along with less addictive than the other opioid treatment. Its formulation is the main reason why it tends to be so effective.

Always remember, Suboxone is just a medication, the real strength is there within you. So go ahead and live beyond addiction.

Author Bio: Robert James is a passionate writer and a regular blogger with years of experience in writing. He wrote several intriguing blogs over the years. His recent write up sums up his knowledge and insight on the potential benefits of Suboxone treatment.