A Beautiful Small Bathroom


Bathrooms are often the smallest space in the home, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be a beautiful space of your ideas. If you have a small bathroom in your home and are baffled how to make it look the best, there are options that can add an enchanting beauty to your bathroom. We know certain decor ideas are expensive, while the others might be not; hence, to be very honest you should only consider the decor ideas that are suitable for your bathroom.

small bathroom renovation

Every design you select for your small bathroom should have both the features – the beauty as well as great functionality. Decorative ideas can easily add up to such limited space. So, it’s time to use them and make your tiny bathroom your new favourite room of the home.

Browse some of the small bathroom decor ideas that depict your style!

bathroom renovation process

Colour your way!

Light Coloured Small Bathroom

If you wish to make your small bathroom look prettier as well as bigger in appearance then using a monochromatic colour will help your bathroom look bigger. It’s always a great way to go with because wallpapers or different graphic patterns may result in making your bathroom look cluttered. But, if you use different light colours such as white, crème, or any of such, it will enhance your space.

Still, if you wish to add certain patterns to make your bathroom a bit stylish, vertical patterns are the best way of doing this. Paint different shades of lighter colours in the vertical form till the ceiling of your bathroom. And for the ceiling area, add a bit of white paint to have a perfect colour.

Perfect Lightings for your Small Bathroom

Stylish Lighting Option for Small Bathroom

One of an important factor for your small bathroom is proper lighting. For making your bathroom more spacious, try to make the use of natural light as much as you can. Adding natural light has many benefits such as – it is cost-efficient and adds a natural instinct to space. In fact, it is observed that a part of the natural light is five times more than the artificial one. Better yet, it is a cheap way to save on your energy bills. Hence, if you’re thinking a bathroom renovation for simply adding the lights, not a good idea!

Accurate lighting will help you to get rid of any dark corners in your bathroom. In fact, you can go for designer lighting options too. Add different shades of lights you wish and you can even make patterns out of it. Contrasting effects with the help of lights can make your small bathroom look way more beautiful. If your bathroom has light colours, use different bright coloured lights for creating a gorgeous ambience. Still, if you think that selecting the proper lights isn’t your cup of tea, take the help of a certified electrician who can help you get beautiful lights for your small bathroom.

Enhance your Small Bathroom by Adding Beautiful Shelves

Small Bathroom’s Spacious Idea

Have you ever thought of combining beauty with functionality? Not yet? Well, a great way of enhancing the beauty of your small bathroom with decor is by adding frills, shelves, and floating shelves. In a small space you, cannot afford to decor much if there’s no space to flaunt it. Hence, utilise the space which is kept vacant. Spaces like the area above the bathtub, sides of the walls, available space around the bathroom door, and even the window space.

Build a shelf into the area which is potentially not utilised by you. This will help you create storage as well as beautify your small space. If you have made your mind in decorating your bathroom, floating shelves are a great alternative for the decor. It is a perfect idea if you need more space to decorate. Make the use of wooden shelves to attach it into the walls. You can store anything of your wish.

A Bathroom Vanity of your Choice!

A Small Bathroom with a Vanity

With small space in your bathroom, it’s important to give careful consideration to the bathroom vanity you choose. Select your bathroom accessories in such a way that is accurately featuring your style. No doubt, there will be many hurdles that which vanity is best suitable for your small space, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have any.

Select a vanity on its usage, function, and the space available. There are many styles of vanities available for a small bathroom such as – cabinet style vanity, wall-mount vanity, or single door vanity. If you want your bathroom to be decorative, choose a bathroom vanity that is functional as well as looks classic when placed. But, if you’re confused of which vanity to choose, call your reliable plumber now to help you selecting the best!

Small Bathroom Decor Essentials

A Great Way of Storing Bathroom Essentials

With a small bathroom, you need to be creative as well. Why creative? As the storage space is less available, you can either decorate your small bathroom or make it functional. But, there is the middle way too. You can have your DIY stuff in your bathroom. Say, for example, using unwanted bottles for storing your brushes, or toothpaste, make the use of hangers for hanging your towel, clothes, and other essentials or use baskets to store your varied bathroom essentials.

Isn’t it a great way to get the best of the space available by using these types of ideas? I think it is!

How can you forget the Mirrors!

Small Bathroom with Mirrors

Do you know mirrors can add depth to the bathroom? Well, when it comes to a small bathroom, mirrors are one of the best ways of enhancing its look. You can try it by yourself. Place a mirror on the opposite side of the window or near the lights in your bathroom. You can see the magic now.

Mirrors will create an illusion of the reflection coming from the window and gives lots of light to the bathroom. But, it doesn’t mean that you adjust with the mirror that comes with your small bathroom. Additional mirrors can be a great way of decor. Get on with some of the stylish looked mirrors for your small bathroom to beautify your space.

Finally, decorating a small bathroom is no doubt important, but it’s also essential to find a way of eliminating as much of clutter as possible. Making a small bathroom look beautiful is everyone’s wish. And why not, when you can make it though!