Dupatta is an inseparable part of churidar salwar kameez. It is a long piece of cloth which looks like a scarf and is worn by most of the women in India and its neighbouring countries from many years. It is also popularly known as chinni or chunnari. Though it is one of the traditional part of Indian outfits, nowadays it has become a symbol of modernity. A scarf or a dupatta is so much versatile that it can be draped in hundreds of ways. It looks awesome when worn with churidar salwar suit, lehenga or other dresses. There are many latest churidar suits which comes with so many amazing types of dupatta. The patterns, designs, colours and everything varies from one dupatta to another one. They are also made using embellished fabrics.

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Women love to wear dupatta which is soft in texture and easy to wear. Normally we can see dupatta made with a sheer fabric or thinner cloth which makes it easy to drape in the way you want. There is a huge respect and love showed towards dupatta since ancient times. And the same is still alive in the world of fashion. Without a dupatta a salwar suit may look so dull and the real beauty of the entire dress look enhanced only when you wear a beautiful dupatta upon it. This gracious piece of fabric was used to cover heads of women in olden days. Even men used to tie it around the heads, waist or simply hang around the neck.

In recent times the value given for dupatta got multiplied. With so many varieties of them, it acquired a special space in women’s wardrobe. We can see many women wearing them even upon jeans and tops. Here we shall check various types of dupatta available in the market for women and why  they are unique compared to other types.

Chivalrous Chiffon Dupatta

Go flirting wearing a dupatta made of chiffon fabric. It is so much light weighing one with soft texture. A plain chiffon dupatta with multicoloured design work is enough to get the excellent beauty upon you. You can avoid getting the design works like embroidery or thread works upon this soft textured dupatta as it spoils the sheerness of the fabric. It keeps you happy in all the seasons and it is the best option for sunny days. It suits equally well for both casual and ceremonial events. The design work can be done using different colours and painting the fabric in different styles like bandani work etc. makes it look vibrant.

Gorgeous Georgette Dupatta

It is the most loved fabric by women in India. It is the only fabric which keeps you breathing in sunny summer season. Meanwhile, it is also feasible to wear in winter and breezy days. The dupatta can be designed with Zari, booti or sequin works or if you want to have a plain one, you can go for floral printed dazzling looking georgette dupatta. Lace works or pom pom works can be done all around the length and width of the dupatta or at the edges. Georgette dupatta looks transparent and sheer in appearance and it lets you drape easily in the way you wish. Even this can be worn for any kind of occasions from casual to celebratious events.

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Beautiful Bhandej Dupatta

This is one of the types of dupatta which is originated from Rajasthan. Rajasthan is known for its most traditional dressing sense. Even now there are many styles available in the fashion industry which are contributed by this sole state. Bhandej is a type of fabric which can be dressed using adorable embellishments. It can be easily designed with embroidery works, mirror works, bead works and much more. Even now these styles are available in Rajasthan with paintings of camels and sand dunes which are the treasure and traditional symbols of the state. This adorned dupatta is suitable for the grand events like weddings and festivals.

Enchanting Khara Style Dupatta

South India has contributed so much to the Indian and global fashion industry. There are various types of silk produced in Mysore, Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka. Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu is known for its unique and traditional sarees and dress materials. Same way Hyderabad is known for this wonderful dupatta type known as Khara dupatta. It is also a traditional Indian dupatta which is worn as a part of bridal outfit in Andhra Pradesh. It is so much soulful to look a bride wearing Khara style dupatta.

Adorable Net Dupatta

There is none who hate to wear netted dupatta. It is one of those lovable dupatta styles which looks awesome upon churidar salwar kameez. It is popular as one of the wedding dupatta. With an extreme sheer and light weight, it is so much loved by young women who always prefer to be serene over gorgeousness. The dupatta can have luxurious border all along the perimeter and floral patch works wherever needed. When you wear this dupatta over the head or shoulders, it lets your dress or face visible through the veil as it is so much transparent in nature. Wearing netted dupatta has become a trend in recent days.

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Pleasing Pashima Dupatta

Being originated in Kashmir, Pashima style dupatta have become famous throughout the world. The prints and design works that are seen on these dupatta are of Kashmiri art works. There are many skilled artists who spend months together to create the design works on these fabrics. Though it is bit costlier compared to other dupatta it fetches you the most amazing appeal which is never possible by any other type of dupatta. Pashima Dupatta is available in various kinds of fabrics to match different seasons and occasions.

Marvelous Madhubani Dupatta

When you want to buy churidar online, never forget to check for this marvelous type of dupatta called as Madhubani dupatta. It is a perfect one for you to show of the feminine type of you. There are prints that are done on these dupatta which symbolises the natural phenomena and beautiful feminine things upon it. It shows different cultures and costumes practiced at various parts of the world and if you are an art lover, you will surely fall in love with this unique dupatta style. The paintings are seen with the perfect and intricate artworks which look so much detailed.

Ravishing Ikat Dupatta

If you want to be comfortable the whole day at your office or at outdoor party with friends, Ikat dupatta is exactly made for you. While making the Ikat dupatta the threads or yarns are not dyed before weaving. Once the fabric for dupatta is ready, it is dyed with different colours and patterns. There are many different techniques are used to paint this dupatta in various ways. The bright and sophisticated look of Ikat dupatta is loved by all those women who wants to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.