You probably are left alone in your home amidst a complete blackout! Even the mobile isn’t charged and the alarm says that there may be a storm arriving too. No, this isn’t a scene from a horror movie, but a real-life scene that can happen to anyone. Electrical emergencies are real and they can happen anywhere at any time. But, the question here is, are you prepared for it? Do you know how to handle yourself, your home, and everyone around you in such a situation? We hope you don’t fall prey to a calamity because of your mistakes during such an emergency.

What to Do and What Not to Do During an Electrical Emergency?

Electrical emergencies include complete power outages, fire or spark coming out from your mainboard, your lights blinking constantly or an electrical shock. Beware, these situations can be really serious and even deadly sometimes. It can cost you your life and of others too, along with a huge loss of property and finances.

  • Assuming the issue as a nonserious one — If you just got an electric shock from your grinder (or any other appliance as such) while using it, and you still continue to do so without taking the matter seriously, then indeed you are committing a big mistake! It probably happens due to your ground wire connection going faulty. And believe us, it’s just a grinder now, the shock can soon pass to the entire electrical system in the house and anyone using the switches or appliances are prone to deadly electrical shocks because of it! Never ever avoid this situation and call an electrician immediately to tackle it.
  • Panicking and not reasoning — Getting frightened during an electrical emergency is normal. But if you are panicking in such a situation and are losing your sense of reasoning in this serious time and aren’t thinking straight – it is inviting more trouble. Think logically about whom to call when there is a power outage. Switch off the mainboard immediately. Panicking can only lead to a disaster in your home.  Always call the state emergency helpline in any of the above situations or a licensed electrician — and think logically with a clear mind.
  • Calling an amateur or inexperienced person to handle the job — An electrical emergency isn’t just any issue, it can be a disaster! And calling an amateur for the job means risking his and your life in such a situation. In Adelaide, an expert electrician from EcoSpark can handle any kind of electrical emergency. They know everything around wires and switches and can deal with any such crises in the best possible way!
  • Not switching off the main switch — If you smell burning wire in the house or feel a slight shock or all the lights start to blink together suddenly, switch off the main switch or tripper and then call your electrician. If you aren’t doing so, the issue can take wings by the time the electrician arrives, and you’ll have to bear the consequences.

Hope we were quite clear in warning you against some serious emergencies and how to prevent them. Avoid common mistakes, stay alert, and be safe in your home!