Change is a good as rest

As the old saying goes ‘a change is as good as a rest.’ If you are finding yourself getting stressed at work, why not get up from your desk and have a walk around to get a change of scene. This can help you get some perspective on what you’re doing. Another change that is as good as a rest is to go and stay with friends or relatives as a cheap alternative to a holiday. This means you get to do different things and see different people, even if you can’t afford a regular style break. Any changes you can make in your day to day life are good, even little ones. You could try a different walk to work, a different lunch or taking your laptop outside to work.

Food and Drink

Another great way to stay calm though life is to drink enough water. We are designed to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. The best way of doing this is to keep the water bottle with you at all times. This method will help you make sure you get your daily quota. Being hydrated can make you feel more awake, less stressed and able to deal with what life throws at you.


What you eat and the health supplements you take are important too. Some people recommend guarana, hemp oil or Vitamin B complex for stress. To save money, try to buy your supplements provider like

Let go of what we can’t control

One of the best ways to stay calm in your life is to let go of what you can’t control. That means if you have the power to change, change it. If not, let it go, because there is nothing you can do about it anyway. In modern life, we can see worry as an activity in itself. But the truth is worrying about something doesn’t change the outcome. All worry does is make us feel bad and stops us living our authentic life.

Keep a gratitude journal

A beautiful way of stressing less in life is to keep the gratitude journal. Get a nice notebook and pen and for five minutes at the end of each day write down all the things that you are grateful for. You might include your family, job your home, or your friends. Other popular things to be grateful for include: your health, having enough food to eat, access to freshwater. By focusing on the things that we do have, we realise how much is going right in ours lives.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Okay, don’t switch off here, this is not about your accounts! It is a great way of checking that a new activity will not be more stressful than it is fun. Grab a scrap of paper and draw a simple table. Put the things a new activity would cost on one side. It might take up more of your time or cost you financially. Then on the other side write down the benefits of the new activity. For example, it could help you get fitter; you could meet new people, and get out of the house more. Then weigh them up. If you if you’ve got more benefits and costs then it’s probably a good choice for your life, Try it, it works!