When you’re hungry, nothing can be more annoying than waiting for restaurants in malls or any fast food joint to dwindle down. Not to mention, eating in malls can be quite pricey, What people want nowadays are food establishments that are reasonably priced and serve oh so good meals. Thankfully, these can be found in food hubs all over the metro.

You’ve probably heard of a restaurant in Quezon City that is tree-house themed, or that Mango Bravo cake in BF Homes. These alternative food destinations can mostly be found in residential neighborhoods and near Universities around the Metro, a lot are hole-in-the-wall restaurants just waiting to be visited by you. So prepare your eating pants and get ready for these top food street recommendations.

Kapitolyo in Pasig City

Here you will find a whole stretch of restaurants and bars that are budget-friendly. They’ve got everything, from comfort food to local and international dishes, desserts and other unique specialties. Some top suggestions include RUB Ribs & BBQ, Calderon, and Wooden Spoon. For those who like taking photos of their food and the restaurant interior, the food destinations here are very Instagrammable. However, because it is one of the most popular food destinations, it can get crowded sometimes. 

Maginhawa Street at Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Another popular food trip destination is Maginhawa Street. Lots of restaurants have been popping up that it seems Maginhawa has extended its reach to Magiting and Malingap. Here you will find food parks, student friendly ribs shacks, and board game cafes.  Check out Snacks & Ladders, Z Compound, and Griddle. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a casual, very laid-back setting where you and your friends can hang out and talk. 

Aguirre Street in BF Homes, Paranaque City

In the South, the most sought-after place has got to be BF Homes, specifically the long stretch of Aguirre Street. This is where all the trendy restaurants and one-of-a-kind cafes can be found. Not to mention, this is where the original Conti’s, a famous pastry shop and restaurant, is located. Visit places like Carpe Diem, Magnum Opus Fine Coffees, Seafood in a Bucket, and more. Because BF Homes is a private subdivision, you will have to leave your ID with the guard at any of the main gates.

Lilac Street at Marikina City

Marikina is known as the shoe capital of the Philippines, but beyond that, it also offers one of the best foodies streets in the Metro. You will find restaurants and cafes such as Rustic Mornings, Brad & Pit’s Rib Shack, and Chubbie’s Qcina. While a lot of the trendy restaurants can be found on Lilac Street, you can also visit other areas like Sapphire Street for other food options. The establishments that can be found in these streets are budget-friendly, so you won’t have to break bank if you plan on trying out specialties from all the establishments. Be warned, though, traffic can be a bit of a doozy.

Binondo in Manila

One of the best things about the Philippine-Chinese culture intermingling really is the food. You can find mashups of Filipino flavours in Chinese cuisine everywhere; however, nothing beats authentic cuisine served in Binondo. Most of the Chinese restaurants here are family-owned and have been passed down for many generations, so you know that each dish has been traditionally prepared, dashed with the secret family recipes. Visit restaurants like Dong Bei Dumplings, Wai Ying Fast Food, President Grand Palace, and more. Chinatown in Binondo can get really crowded, especially on the weekends, and the parking is limited.

Are you hungry yet? Pick a street, map out the restaurants you want to visit, and get ready for a unique food trip experience.