Board exams act as a stepping stone to the future, and successful accomplishment of the exam takes a student to another level. The CBSE board exams, considered to be the most important exam for students, therefore, it is high time for the class 10th student to prepare well for the board exams.

After completing course books, students can refer to study material for CBSE Class 10 Maths, Science, English, Social Studies, and Hindi to have more grip on the subjects. Many students often take stress during board exams, so here are some subject wise tips which can help you to score the best in your class 10th Board Exams.

1. English
• Literature: In this part, you will be asked questions from the chapter. So, you must have to familiarize with some of the complexities of your material.
• Grammar: For grammar, you can follow a good grammar book to learn the basic rules. After knowing basic rules, try to attempt as many questions as possible.
• Writing skills: This is scoring section if you stick to formats strictly. Try to practice formal letters, applications, and report speeches but remember that format plays an important role.

2. Hindi
• Students can score good marks in Hindi if they have memorized the chapters along with the questions arising from it.
• Grammar: Get your grammatical rules cleared related to topics prescribed in your syllabus.
• Writing: This section is scoring section, therefore learn the format for essay and letter writing and practice descriptive questions as much as possible.

3. Science
• Physics
Various numerical are asked from the Physics which are based on theorems and direct formulas. Therefore, practicing the numerical questions and memorizing the formulas is the key to ace Physics.
• Chemistry
Chemistry includes a lot of questions on balancing the reactions. With this, many questions related to nomenclature of Carbon compound containing functional groups are asked every time in the exam. Make a list of important chemical reactions which can help you in last-minute revision.
• Biology
This requires special attention to diagrams and theory. So, ensure that important terms and their respective functions are remembered. Biology includes a lot of learning and memorization part, so do not try to complete the whole biology in one day.

4. Social Science
Students consider history as a difficult subject as it includes dates, names of Freedom Fighters, Rulers in large numbers. For this, you can try to relate the concepts to real-life events and also try to form a link between the different events. Try to answer your question in the form of points instead of paragraphs.

5. Mathematics
To perform well in the exam, a student should cover the entire syllabus of NCERT books thoroughly including solved and unsolved questions. Try to maintain a separate register for formulas and theorem so you can revise it in the last moment.

To have a clear understanding of the topics of maths you can search for Maths study material for class 10 CBSE online. With this, you will also come across some previous year exam papers, which will help you to understand the marking criteria to various sections.