It’s a trial of masculinity, there’s no returning currently… Surrounded by your recently made travel mates, you gaze apprehensively at the piece now on the plate before you. You just can’t back out now – or can you? Clearly a wild ox’s rear-end is nutritious and heavenly right? Fail… As an explorer in South East Asia, you’re certain to encounter an odd and unordinary dish or two. Here’s our pick of South East Asia’s most unusual indulgences. Okay set out to tempt your taste buds with the accompanying colorful delights?


Maybe the bravest of all sustenance those hikers can attempt in South East Asia. Balut is prepared duck or chicken developing life that is bubbled alive and eaten while it is still in its shell. This one of kind finger nourishment is incredibly well known in the Philippines, yet additionally eaten now and again in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Frequently sold by road sellers and prepared with a blend of salt, bean stew, garlic and vinegar, Balut is viewed as high in protein and wealthy in nutrients. In the same way as other unordinary nourishments, Balut is additionally accepted by some to be a love potion, giving desirous men the stamina to prop up throughout the night.


Some state it possesses a flavor like chicken. Other state it possesses a flavor like crab/poo. Eaten broiled, scorpions are a frightening nibble prominent in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China. In any case, hold up a moment – aren’t scorpions destructive harmful? Obviously, the toxin in the scorpion is killed once it is seared (alive) in the bubbling oil… evidently. By and by, there is likewise a conviction that eating the sting will make you solid and that it is useful for male virility.

Chicken’s Feet

Capitalizing on the majority of the chicken, in Thailand, Laos and to be sure China, chicken’s feet are a scrumptious treat! Crunchy, thick, somewhat rubbery and well… marginally hard (as you’d expect), they are either grilled or broiled and regularly sold in favor of the road as a tidbit, and can be found from a Labuan Bajo Hotel restaurant to locals serving it on the streets. In Isaan, the ‘zesty chicken feet plate of mixed greens’ is a famous dish, made with green bean stews, tomatoes, coriander and fish sauce. In case you’re fortunate/unfortunate, you may likewise discover one prowling in your noodle soup!


Rodent meat has been eaten by individuals in the wide open for quite a long time, yet as indicated by a 2012 BBC report, is currently being viewed as a delicacy in Thailand, progressively costly that chicken or pork. Rodents got in the rice fields are the main ones cooked and eaten, not those that you see going around the lanes of Bangkok, thank God! The meat is said to be very delectable and special – anybody for ratatouille?

Dreadful little creatures

A prominent road nourishment nibble in Thailand, your first experience with this uncommon snack is most likely on the Khao San Road as they sit, singed and crisped with oil gleaming underneath the brilliant lights. There are crickets, silk worms, grasshoppers, creepy crawlies and to wrap things up cockroaches! Enticing huh? Inquisitive hikers and travelers encompass the truck, pointing and taking photographs, yet few are sufficiently courageous to taste the neighborhood canapé.

Be that as it may, eating creepy crawlies isn’t only a vacationer oddity. It starts from the Thai wide open, where laborers in the rice fields have been eating bugs as a day by day nibble for quite a long time. Grasshoppers, tree creepy crawlies and termites are gotten in the fields, conveyed home and rotisserie to make a scrumptious tidbit. Shockingly creepy crawlies are really a rich wellspring of protein, nutrients and minerals. In Thailand, especially the North East there are a few formulas that are made with bugs. ‘Malaeng Da Na’ or mammoth water bigs are seared with mushrooms, onions, stew and garlic to make a flavorful bug pan sear. A mainstream hot serving of mixed greens (or yam) in the North of Thailand is produced using the huge white eggs of the red subterranean insect.