Severe weather can strike any location at any time of year, and some storms are so significant that both your home and your vehicle are damaged. When you are facing significant damage to these two major components in your life, you may understandably feel stressed out and unsure of the next steps that you should take. By walking through these steps, you can move forward to get your life back on track in very little time and at very little cost.

Assess the Damage

Before you begin any repair processes, you must accurately assess the damage. Inspect your home as well as your car to identify how significant the damage may be. Remember that you will need to file a deductible for both your home and auto insurance policies. If you believe the damage may not be expensive enough to justify filing a claim, you can consider getting a few repair quotes up-front.

Call Your Insurance Providers

If you determine that you do need to file an insurance claim, do so as soon as possible. Many insurance companies cover multiple houses and cars in areas that may have been affected by the same storm. You want to get your claim in the pipeline quickly so that you can receive priority attention if possible.

An adjuster for each insurance company or for each unique policy may need to inspect the home and car to assess the damage before you can start scheduling repair services. Work with your adjusters to complete this process as soon as possible.

Schedule Auto Repair Services

If your insurance company lets you choose your own repair company, you can start calling around to find a reputable auto repair service provider such as Glass Pro Inc for your car. Many repair shops may be overwhelmed by the number of repair requests that they have.

While you are waiting for your appointment to arrive, you can schedule glass repair service ahead of time. By doing so, you may be able to at least make your car drivable until the rest of the repair work can be completed.

Shop for Home Repair Contractors

If your home has serious repair issues, you should work with a contractor to at least secure the home until repair work can begin. The benefit of hiring someone else is that little work is required on your part and you can rest assured that the work done will be professional and insured. For example, if a portion of your roof has blown off, a roofer may cover the damaged area with a protective tarp to prevent pest infestations and water damage. Be sure to compare rates and time estimates before you select a contractor to hire.

As damaged as your home and car seem to be, rest assured that you can move past this situation. With the right contacts, it won’t be long before it will seem like the storm never happened. Walk through these steps to get the process started. In no time at all, your home and car will be restored and repaired with very little payments and effort done on your part.