If you did not know it, let it get clarified once more. Instagram, your favorite photo sharing platform, has now more than 1 billion monthly users! Isn’t it great? For some people, it is just shocking, but it is rather a pleasant surprise for those small business, which are planning to grow their business online through such social channels. Over the last couple of years, IG has become one of the major parts of the blogging community and a source of online presence.  It is primarily referred as micro-blogging platform, which the users will use for sharing snippets of the lives in the real time basis.

With so many feeds being super curated and also heavily themed nowadays, users are always in the rush to show off their photos in more places and not just restricting it to the app. There are so many bloggers out there, who are here to proudly display their IG feeds on blogs too. In case, you are one of those WordPress users, then you might want to display feed on website using the simple to use plugin option, which is free and can be customized easily. You will not just use the plugin but get the chance to customize the appearance too.

Installation of the IG feed plugin:

First thing first, you have to install plugin, primarily known as Instagram Feed. This noted plugin is said to have more than 600,000 active installations on some of the noted WP websites. So, it clearly proves how good this plugin is actually.  The best part is that this plugin is free of cost. However, you might come across a paid version of it as well, which comes with some of the added features now. Just follow some of the simple points, and installing a free Instagram Feed plugin will prove to be an easy task for all. You can log online at Gramblast and come to learn more about the steps to follow after that.

  • You have to hover around the plugins in the left hand menu and then click on the option, which states “Add New.”
  • Once you clicked on that, you will reach out to the Plugins page. Here, you can search for the option “Instagram Feed” and you will end up seeing a plugin that will look quite familiar. You can log online to check some images of these sessions.
  • For the last step in this regard, you need to click on the “Install Now” option. You will be prompted to click on the “Activate” button for the same.

Connect well to the Instagram account:

After you have activated the IG feed plugin, you will come to see some new items in the current left hand menu. It is also noted as “Instagram Feed” and it is more like a black button, with a grey camera on top and the word “Instagram Feed” written in white.

  • Click on that link. By clicking it, the link will take you to the IG feed page.
  • For connecting to the IG account, you have to click right on the big blue button, which states “Connect an Instagram Account.”
  • Then, you will be asked by the system to sign into the IG that you plan to connect to.
  • Once the method of log in has been covered into the IG account, you will be taken right back to the WordPress and you might see that the account has been connected quite successfully.
  • In this page, you will notice that if you have the premium version of the Instagram Feed plugin, you can easily choose to display some of the posts with certain hashtags. The posts are mainly tagged with a certain location or even choose to specify some of the single posts right on display.

Time to display the Instagram feed on WP website:

Now, the time has come when you have to display the IG feed on the website. For that, you will definitely need one shortcode. This shortcode can be widely used within the widget and within a page or post. It can further be added directly in the PHP code, in case you are truly comfortable while editing theme files.

  • For procuring this shortcode, you can easily click on “Display your feed” tab, which is located on IG feed page. The shortcode happens to be a smaller piece of code, which is going to be highlighted as per your choice.
  • You have to make one copy of this certain code as you are going to need this for the upcoming steps. Now, you have to decide on the place where you are likely to put your IG feed.
  • You can easily display IG feed using the widget. For that, you have to head towards the widget page by clicking on the “Appearance” at a left side of the menu, followed by “Widgets.”
  • On the present widget page, you will find a widget called “text” and you have to add it to an area of the website. Open this text widget and in a content area, you have to paste the shortcode. You can save this and then quickly look at what IG feed actually looks like on the website.
  • If you want, you can display the IG feed within page or post. Here, you need to head towards the post or page section that you plan to add and paste the shortcode into the content area. Next, you have to preview the page for checking on the feed.
  • If you want, you can display the IG feed using PHP. You might know that shortcodes can well be displayed anywhere on the WP website using PHP. Just make sure to edit the theme files if you actually feel comfortable while using this service well.

The steps are simple and easy, and you just have to follow the points well. For any further inquiry in this regard, you are asked to log online and get some help accordingly.