Buns are an interesting and intriguing way of wearing your natural hair. This is mainly because they are playful in nature and bring out an individual’s fun personalities. They can also be described as personal styles that are easy to achieve and fast. You only require a very short period each morning. If you have a busy schedule, double buns are your way out of styling natural hair. Furthermore, they ensure you not only appear elegant and sophisticated but also beautiful and fun to be around. Here are some of easier steps to achieve a double braid bun on your hair in the shortest time possible i.e. 15 minutes.

1) Half Up Spaced Double Braid Bun

Sometimes, you may be required to you have your hair up in a braided bun, but you are not comfortable with it. However, you don’t have to wear it all up; you can wear your hair in a half up double braid bun. The spaced double braid bun is one of the natural hairstyles for your hair. To achieve this specific hairstyle follow the following steps.

  • Condition and treat your hair as you do every morning in your skin or beauty care routine
  • Divide it into two separate but unique pigtails. Ensure that you start at your temple and leave the rest of the hair to fall on your back.
  • Take one of the secured pigtails and twist it such that it appears to have slight curls or braid. Then back comb The hair to have the desired effect
  • Once the curl is as desired, start wrapping the curly hair around the secured bun position until all of is done and use a bobby pin to safely secure the hair. Bobby pins ensure that the style is not disrupted and the buns or braid stay in place.
  • Do the same for the other pigtail and ensure that it is also held in place with body pins. For the final step, use hairspray on the buns and the rest of the hair to ensure that is glowy and shiny.

2) Double Dutch Braid Buns

If you are a fan of braided hair and the unique and natural hair styles it produces, then the double Dutch braided buns are designed for you. This style is simple and easy to achieve within a short period. In fact, it is said that you can achieve it in less than 15 minutes. To do this specific hairstyle, follow the following steps:

  • Divide your hair into two halves from front to back and in the middle. Ensure that you comb your hair thoroughly such that the hair is separated and the texture is light. The dividing line should be clearly visible.
  • Braid the first half starting from the back towards the front. To do this, you need to secure the other half so that you don’t mess with the line. Do not braid it all the way but almost ensuring that the remaining hair is not that much but one that will hide the braid from the front.
  • After completing the braid, twirl all the hair remaining on the braided side and make it into a bun securing it in place using bobby pins
  • Do the same for the other side and secure in into place as well. Make it in such a way that the buns are held almost together, and there is no space between them.

3) French Braided Princess Buns

This is aimed at bringing out the inner and complementing individual beauty. To achieve it follow the steps provided:

  • Divide the hair into pigtails two of them. Secure the hair with a tie after combing it thoroughly to remove any hiccups or messy tangles. For thick natural hair styles, ensure to use a tight hair tie to reduce the expected bulk. But for thin natural hair, use a teaser to increase its thickness.
  • Braid one of the pigtails and wrap it around the secured root. To ensure that the buns do not appear small, ensure to loop the braids gently using your fingers. However, for people with thick hair skip the step.
  • Do the same for the other pigtails and hold it securely with bobby pins. The front piece of the hair should be let lose so as to achieve a princess-like style at the very end.
  • Finally, apply hairspray for a shiny glossy and glowy appearance.


If you are a fun of double braid buns, these are just some of the simplest natural hair buns that you can wear on a daily basis with minimal time but a fashionable final look.

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