There was a good reason behind our dislike for Cruella de Vil. Beauty and fashion should not be cruel. The latest trend should not take a toll on animal health. That effectively means no animal testing of the products as well. In 2018, almost every consumer and every brand is conscious about the environment, animal rights and the ethical questions that arise with animal testing. Even then, several brands do not stop sourcing pigments and ingredients from animals, and people do not stop using these brands because they provide a wide range of selection at a reasonable price.

Are you aiding animal cruelty by choosing that nail color?

Is your nail polish vegan? Several local makeup brands claim their nail color range to be cruelty-free, but in reality, they contain animal products. You may have come across some of these ingredients in the near past while browsing some of the most famous brands in the market –

  1. Guanine –Guanine mostly hides as ‘pearl essence’ in your nail polish collection. The seemingly harmless component comes from fish scales. It is an age-old practice to derive the metallic, silver sheen from dried and finely ground fish scales. Some brands also source guanine from animal tissues. Most cheap glitter polishes and pearly white iridescence in the polishes have guanine.
  2. Oleic acid – you may have heard of oleic acid as one of the essential fatty acid components of the animal system. The same oleic acid can thicken solutions and the bases of makeup. Several favorite nail polish brands contain oleic acid in the mix.
  • Carmine – most of the red-hued nail paints contain carmine. While the colors appear rosy and happy, the pigment comes from the color present in red beetles. The process of extraction involves boiling and crushing the bugs. The bright red of the nail paints, do not have a happy production history! That is unless you pick a vegan nail polish that guarantees naturally-sourced, cruelty-free products.

Modern technology is making the process of picking a vegan polish much more accessible for everyone. You can find everything you need to know about vegan nail polish – shopncla. The latest vegan nail polish shades can easily give the other contemporary brands a run for their money. These shades are diverse, and you can find glittery, metallic, chrome, matte and holographic shades among vegan nail lacquers as well. There is no longer reason to buy cruel animal-sourced polishes to stay trendy.

Is choosing a vegan polish enough?

Non-toxic and vegan nail polishes give you to power to stay in fashion. Finding a company that does not use animal products is not enough. Always double-check the company’s product testing ethics and practices. If necessary, go online and run a search on cruelty-free brands. Help your friends make the right choice by choosing vegan and cruelty-free nail polish colors they will love. Most of the modern vegan nail paint brands are easy on the pockets and the eyes! There is no reason you cannot love colorful nails and animals at the same time.