Many types of construction work involve using human-operated machinery for heavy-duty digging, moving and dumping. Construction workers get used to seeing and operating the same kinds of construction equipment every day. If you are just getting into construction or starting again after an absence, you might need some information on what is new. There is some equipment that you should know about before stepping onto the worksite.


A crane is a very tall machine, connected to ropes and chains, that is mainly used to lift items to great heights. Its uses include moving heavy freight, assembling equipment and constructing manmade structures like buildings, bridges and roads. Floating cranes are designed to work on oil rigs and ships. Cranes require specialized operation, but even if you don’t drive them yourself, you will likely have to work with them.


An excavator works opposite of the crane to dig deep into the earth. It’s used to dig ditches, wells and swimming pools that are 10 or more feet in the ground. An excavator comes with attachments, such as 4 in 1 buckets that dig, carry and dump dirt and debris materials. Mini excavators are available for personal farms and home sites. It works like a giant bucket that is used to move dirt for building construction and landscaping. In addition, some excavators are used in removing snow, mining and demolition. Moving material is one of the most fundamental parts of construction. Excavators are just one of many tools used to do this work.

Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader, also called a backhoe, is a tractor-like machine fitted with a bucket in the front and a backhoe in the rear. The front attachments vary from augers to grinders that perform other construction tasks. These small machines are commonly used to construct small houses and buildings, dig ditches, transport dirt and demolish small buildings. If you need some closer to precision, a backhoe loader is a good choice.


A bulldozer is a machine that is used to develop large structures from buildings to lakes and roads. It’s often used to clear large areas of land to build roads and plant farm crops. The average machine has a blade in the front, a ripper in the back and tracks on the bottom. Armored bulldozers, found in military zones, combine engineering with active combat to deflect bullets, explosions and airborne debris. As construction technology has advanced, some bulldozers are controlled from remote locations as far as hundreds of feet away.

Building roads, clearing land and moving earth are projects that require the need of heavy machinery. Every project involves using different types of equipment that have different yet similar designs. It’s difficult for new construction workers to know which equipment is used for which purpose. The experience levels of workers and current weather conditions are important factors to consider, but it’s just as important to use and understand the right construction equipment. Several elements contribute to finding the right tool for the job. Knowing what equipment does what will help you know how to handle any situation.