Sales are one of the most important parts of our economy. We might not realize how much sales impact our lives until we really stop to think about it. They influence our buying decisions for things like clothing, groceries, and even homes. Jobs that aren’t technically sales jobs still utilize sales methods in order to attract customers.

If you’re looking to become a sales professional, you’re opening yourself up to an exciting and prosperous field. However, it’s only prosperous if you let it be. As a new salesperson, you need to put in the time and effort necessary. Here are four tried and true sales methods to consider for new salespeople.

Direct Sales

The classic image of a door-to-door salesman isn’t the only type of sales, but it’s an example of direct sales. Direct sales are in contrast to retail sales. Here, you approach the customer directly to discuss the product and its benefits in hopes of ensuring a sale.

To succeed at a direct sales company like Nu Skin or somewhere similar you need to be persistent. This doesn’t mean you should pester people until they agree to buy from you. Instead, you need to try as hard as you can, until you’re sure they’re in or not. You should also not feel despondent upon rejection.

Be Personable

The best salespeople don’t feel like salespeople. By that, they don’t feel like they’re aggressively pushing products. Instead, they’re educating customers about wonderful new developments that they should be privileged to learn about. It can be difficult at first, but it can be perfected through practice.

When approaching a potential client, speak with them as though they were an old friend. Give them sincere compliments and speak with a genuine tone of voice. You might have some people who are completely resistant to sales pitches. However, others will be persuaded, provided you are able to demonstrate the value of the product.

Tell a Story

Your product isn’t just a product, at least, it shouldn’t be. In order to draw in customers, you need to give them some kind of emotional understanding of the product. It should go deeper than just you showing them something in a bottle or box. This is where your storytelling skills come into play.

With your product, you need to have a great and honest story to tell. Give detailed information about the company and how it came to be. This is especially necessary if it’s a smaller business that your customers might not know about. You want to tell it in as lively of a fashion as possible. There’s no place for lying or embellishing the truth, but you should make the product and the company as enticing as you can make it.

Ask Questions

You don’t know the needs of your customers until you ask them. While you should not be presumptive, you should ask relevant questions. These will allow them to consider their needs and be curious about how your product might help them.

When approaching your customers, be friendly and ask them open-ended questions. You don’t want to ask yes-or-no questions that could get you shut off quickly. Ask them about the quality of the current products they use. Then, you can use this as an opportunity to speak up about what makes your products beneficial. You can practice this technique with a friend or family member to season yourself.

We hope this has given you a great idea of sales methods to consider. As a salesperson, you can be a positive influence on people to make smart purchasing decisions. It’s all a matter of being determined and trying new things as much as possible.