If you’re ready to bring a new business to the market, it’s time to channel Frank Sinatra, and start spreading the news. But how you do this, and which marketing techniques are most effective? The aim of advertising to let people know about your products and services. It’s not enough to have great ideas. You also need to put your company on the map. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, here are some tips to help you get your startup out there.

Plan a strategy

In all walks of life, planning often brings benefits. In business, having strategies in place is almost always a better idea than being spontaneous. When it comes to marketing, there are key questions you need to answer. You need to think about who you are targeting, and how you are going to reach them. Once you’ve done this, you can start thinking about the most effective ways to sell your business to customers. What is your USP? What points do you want to get across in your campaign? How can your plan make your service or product stand out in the market?

Often, it’s best to have a multi-pronged approach, but don’t spread yourself too thin. If you try and cover every social media platform going, for example, your content may become diluted. It’s beneficial to focus on key areas. You can establish which kinds of marketing will work best by using market research and data analytics.

You may have marketing professionals as part of your team. If not, you could outsource work or hire freelancers.


Don’t forget the basics

We spend a great deal of time using innovative technology these days. But often, traditional marketing methods work very well. Take a new dog walking business, for example. You may find that flyers and adverts in the local paper attract more attention than social media campaigns. Try and find a balance between new and old, and adapt your strategy according to what works. Have you had a lot of people calling after seeing an advert in a newsletter? If so, it may not be worth investing in pricey TV or radio adverts. If print is a method you’re interested in, it’s wise to investigate press release distribution pricing. By using a distributor, you can reach a much larger number of people.


Identify and embrace new trends

Many firms are utilizing cutting-edge marketing methods to attract new clients. Social media is a very popular platform, and it can have a dramatic impact. Using tools like Facebook advertising, for example, can make thousands of people aware of your company. If you are eager to create social media accounts, use the results of data analysis to determine which sites to use.


If you’ve been working on a business plan for months, you’re probably desperate to get out there and start getting customers on board. There are many different ways to do this. The nature and scale of the business will often determine the most effective methods. For small, local businesses, print and word of mouth are usually incredibly beneficial. If you have big ideas, you may be considering online marketing, or even TV and radio advertising. Make use of market research, do your homework, and go with what works for you.