Stargate Universe is a sci-fi series where a set of soldiers and civilians fight against all odds to survive in a new world. This Canadian-American TV show has kept its audience captivated. After completing the second season the fans are going crazy over any news of a third season. We will have to disappoint them as there is currently no official talk about the renewal of the show for a third season.

Directed by Ronald Emmerich, the movie is about the existence of aliens and how they influence human lives. Evidently, it has a massive fanbase. There is also the concept of time travel. This beguiling plot is not the only thing that is making the viewers yearn for stargates universe season 3. The much-talked-about unexpected ending of season two has left its audience at the edge of their seats.

The Stargate Universe

For a newbie fan, the universe may be a little confusing. You’ll find yourself facing 350 episodes and some of the seasons were released together, making it puzzling for you to find the correct order.

Many websites online have attempted to chronologically arrange the series. So here we are listing it in the right order for your convenience. We all know how much watching a series in the right order matters.

  • Stargate 1994
  • Stargate (season 1 to 10)
  • Stargate: The Ark Of Truth (2008)
  • Stargate Atlantis (Season 1 to 5)
  • Stargate Universe (Season 1 to 12)

The unexpected end of season 2

The main team of the show gets stuck at some mysterious place in the universe. The show ends with them finding their way back to the Milky Way galaxy. Their spaceship, Destiny, stopped working due to one broken pod that needed to be entered immediately. Eli Wallace stayed behind, her being the one with the power to repair the ship. The other members were in their chambers while Eli stood outside.

The end scene depicts Eli looking into space wondering about the fate of her comrades.

Here is the cliffhanger. What happens to Eli or her teammates? This rightfully asks for another season but the production is answering in negative.

Any hope of renewal?

In December 2011, the Stargate film production crushed all hope of its viewers by announcing that there will be no stargates universe season 3. So after these many successful seasons, all we can do is just wait.

Attempts by a fan

A loyal fan, Jonathan Anett tried to raise 50 million to support the production. But sadly it remains a dream for obvious practical reasons.

A comic book version of season 3

The closest thing to season 3 we got is the comic book Stargate Universe – Back To The Destiny. Eli successfully fixed the spaceship and discovered new secrets. New characters and plots were introduced and this has to be enough for the stargate fans.


We know all you wanted was a season 3 for this series but let’s face the truth, there’s no use sitting with your fingers crossed. We hope Densi Papers was successful in giving you all the information you required on the status of the third season.

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