Accessories are the key to every look. Learn to transform your spring look with the addition of bold, bright jewelry, like bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings that enhance your outfits and draw attention to your features. Spring jewelry trends are in full bloom, so take a look at some of this season’s must-have, trendiest trinkets from Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Tory Burch and others so that you can create a fresh look that can be worn all spring.

This spring is all about color. Everything from the apparel to shoes and accessories reflect vibrant hues that are relaying the message, “spring is here”. Kate Spade’s line of designer jewelry features several pieces that are perfect for spring and can be purchased at discounted prices using a Kate Spade coupon. Start off with a set of small, bud-like stud earrings for a little pop of color and glam. Beautiful, raw-cut minerals in fuchsia, turquoise, honey and violet enhance your floral wardrobe for spring. The Gum Drop Studs, made from faceted resin, provide a punch of intense color without taking away from the rest of your outfit.spring-jewelries

Cocktail rings are a girl’s best friend this spring. Providing a combination of design and detail to your outfit, cocktail rings are powerful jewelry pieces that can stand alone. Try a large, chunky Michael Kors Chain ring for an edgier look; if you prefer dainty, colorful cocktail rings, Kate Spade’s bright yellow Sweet Zinnia floral ring is exquisite. The best spring accessory is a cocktail ring, because even the simplest cocktail rings don’t go unnoticed.

Bangles dress up any outfit. Adorn yourself with one thick bangle or lots of thin, smaller ones to create a casual, youthful look. Try Kate Spade’s Idiom bangles with happy saying engraved on the inside, or the Hand in Hand Friendship bangles for a touch of color and fun. Tiffany & Co. has just come out with a new line of rose gold bangles that are classy, chic and add just a touch of warmth to your outfit. Wear as many or as few as you like, but be sure to include bangles in your spring look this year.

Necklaces this spring vary from simple chain and charm to large beaded strands. Kate Spade’s Gerbera Garden Statement necklaces consist of a series of intricately beaded flowers that wrap the front of the neckline for a spring statement piece that is unique and fun. If you are looking for something more simplistic, try Tory Burch’s Clover Rosary chains. These delicate, long chain necklaces with tiny details are relaxed and sophisticated accessories that can be worn on any occasion.

Enhance your personal style with this season’s best accessories. Spring is the perfect time of year to show off all your favorite treasures. What spring jewelry pieces will you include in your spring wardrobe this year?