Chowmein, Chilli Chicken, Fried Rice along with Manchurian, this list goes on. What do you think these scrumptious preparations are Chinese or Indian?  Well, maybe these Chinese dishes have their birth in China but they have been modified in India many such dishes and snacks are there that are called Indo-Chinese eatables… you can witness the streets of India flooded with Chinese Idli,  to Chinese BhelPuri: Chinese spring rolls in the canteens to Momos on  streets. Have a look at some of the dishes that have a Chinese influence.

Chilli mushroom

Talking about this Mushroom, this is a classic Indo-Chinese eatable that possesses a massive fan following, specifically in India.  This is a dish that is prepared of deep fried mushrooms covered with corn flour, soy sauce,   salt and pepper. The Indo-Chinese chilli mushroom recipe can easily be prepared quickly and is perfect for get-togethers and parties. Even people relish it on their dinners and lunches too.

Chilli Chicken:

With soya sauce infusing a Chinese element in this dish, this signature dish is the finest party starter.  This scrumptious eatable is made with chicken properly coated in a paste of warm chilli, ginger, garlic and spices, then sautéed with green chillies and onions. There is also a dry version that is deep-fried. Many of other proteins also fetch the chilli treatment such as seafood and paneer, and how could you skip honey chilli potatoes!


In China, Chowmein is widely referred to as chāu-mèing and is simply a part of boiled noodles capped with scrambled eggs, greens and soya sauce. But when you talk about India, it is pan fried, extremely spicy and a handpicked in every household. People make it as spicy and rich as they want. They add plenty of vegies in this item so as to make it more fulfilling.


The formation of Chicken Manchurian is credited to a person named Nelson Wang of China Garden. He introduced Manchurian to Mumbai in the year 1975.  He began to play around with quintessential Indian ingredients such as ginger, garlic, chilli and simply added a squelch of soya sauce instead of the garam masala. Of course, now you can find plenty of variations in this dish of Manchurian.

Spring Rolls

The Chinese people call it ChūnJuǎn and are Cantonese-style dumplings prepared for welcoming spring. But here in this diverse country of India, they are fried golden, packed with vegetables juliennes and are served frequently as party snacks. Of course, you might have munched on these spring rolls in weddings, parties and kitties!

Fried Rice

Hang on, how could you leave this delicious dish behind? It is a beautiful eatable and people have a special corner for this. Just fry everything and this dish is a winner among the Indian subcontinent. It was originally steamed in China; the Indian version is oily spiced with garam masala, red chilli powder and green chillies. Of course, you might have experience this dish many a times in your life right?

So, just walk through these delicious dishes and eatables and make sure that you haven’t left anything. These are the dishes that fill with everyone with tang and spice!