Bangalore like other metropolitan cities of India keeps on organizing various cultural events and concerts so that people staying there can spend their free time or weekends enjoying music and other form of arts.

There are many concerts in Bangalore coming up in the next few months. Here are some glimpses of it. Remember, there are some basic things you should know before going to a concert. The first and foremost thing is, you have to decide whether you want to go to the concert alone or along with friends. If you are thinking that taking friends to the concert is the primary source of enjoyment, then you are completely mistaken.

If you are going to a rock concert and that too alone; then try to merge with the crowd. You should reach the venue early and reserve your place in the front of the stage. If there is a sitting arrangement then you have to take your seat but if there is not seating arrangements then try to stay in the front only.

The Grunge Experience: This one is going to take place on 16th July from 6 PM. The event is being organised by the ‘Magma Studios’ and the venue is at ‘Blue Frog’ at Central Bangalore. This event also is jointly organized by the ‘Blue Frog’ association and this event is a tribute gig to the legends of Grunge and they are Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell. This musical evening will take you back in your 90’s days with five amazing bands. These 5 bands are Ledge 13, Raven Black, Jonah’ Legacy, Baking Signal and 1 Fret Away. The ticket information will be announced soon like from where one can buy or get the tickets.

Natyarani Shanthala (A Dance-Drama Performance): This is taking place on 16th July at 4 PM in the afternoon and will end on 5.30 PM in the evening. This function is being organised by the ‘Art Studios’ in South Bangalore. This is a dance drama which has been based on the life of the dancer queen of Hoysala and her name was Shanthala Devi. The entire performance has been conceptualised by Shraavya S Narayan and the drama is in Kannada language. One has to pay Rs 100 to reserve their seats for this dance drama.

Zeliangrong Bangalore Foundation Day and Fresher’s Meet cum Cultural Night 2017: This one is happening on 19th August from 1 PM in the noon till 10 PM in the night.  The program is being organized by the ‘Zeliangrong Bangalore’ and the venue is at St Francis High School. This is a combination of the Fresher’s Day, Foundation Day and Cultural Nights. There is a normal entry fee for the venue and some will be special invitations. This is an event where all the fresher in Bangalore are welcomed and then a cultural night is organized which includes programs like dance, music, art, fashion and food.

So, if you really want to dig into the concert scene of Bangalore and that too catering to various genres, then do try these events out! Choose those programs which you will love to watch and enjoy.