Once your baby arrives, your heart will be filled with joy, that’s for sure. But, also, your home will be filled and cluttered with all the baby gear you bought before it arrived, and after. And as that is not enough, with baby presents. Sometimes, arranging all the “baby stuff” to fit in your home may look like a game of Tetris, where you are trying to fit everything in. Although the baby will surely take over your love, there is no reason for taking over your living space, especially because babies outgrow toys and equipment, so you should plan ahead. If you follow these simple guidelines, you can, without problems, find the perfect baby equipment, that will not be space-eating, but still will be the best choice for your child’s health and happiness.

The purpose is to multipurpose

To save not only space, but time and money also, choose equipment that will have multiple purpose. Instead of having a bunch of different stuff for one similar purpose, try to settle with one item that will be good enough for the basic purpose. For example if you plan it properly, you can use one high chair for feeding your little one from six months all up to school children age. Another way to use the fabulous multipurpose when it comes to baby gear is certainly a convertible baby crib, which can easily be transformed from a crib for your baby, to a bed for your toddler.

Now you see me, now you don’t

If you want to live in your house without tripping over scattered baby stuff, it is essential to own baby equipment that is possible to fold and simply hide away from sight, when not needed. One of the many baby caring chores is of course diaper changing. Instead of buying a changing table that will occupy a lot of space, the solution that will be as good as comfortable, and significantly better as for space saving, is a top changing mat. It is just a simple board that you put on a crib, and after changing your baby, you can just remove it and hide it below the crib, or behind the cabinet.

One of the many objects that occupy a lot of space is definitely a stroller. In order to find out which one is best for small spaces we spoke with experts from Minimee. There are strollers that make life easier, like Bugaboo stroller, that are easily folded, and handle is adjustable. They are suitable for usage from birth to three, four years and most importantly they are multifunctional. The space saving wonder is that after folding the stroller you can without any problem, put it below your bed, or in some corner of your house where it’ll not cause chaos. Which ever stroller you go for, inform yourself about what kind of stroller characteristics really matter prior buying.

Another “vanishing” baby item is baby dam instead of regular baby tub. You can find videos and reviews online, so look it up before buying big bulky baby tub.

Organize to perfection

Keep in mind that your child outgrows a lot of clothes quickly, because of that you should often dispose the clothes that doesn’t fit, so it can wait for a little brother or sister, or you can donate it to charity. Also keep the next-size clothes in some storage, until your little one doesn’t grow up to it. Baby closets are too small to fit all the clothes, so you should rethink decision to get one. Instead, try to maximize organizational possibilities of your closet, by using hanging closet organizers. And the possibility of closet organisation are endless, you can even store toys that your baby will need in some time.

Don’t be intimidated of all the possible chaos in your apartment, and don’t think that it’s happening only to you. Even the most organized moms and dads can’t easily cope with all the baby clutter that comes with the joy of being a parent. But with a little planning, smart shopping and organizing, it is quite possible to have plenty of space in your home, while not depriving your baby of joy, health, comfort and happiness.
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