It does not even matter if you are wearing open shoes for your wedding or not; you will want your feet to look their best, if nothing else then for the groom on that very special night following your wedding. It is even more important to be able to flaunt beautiful healthy feet if you have decided on sandals or some other type of footwear for your wedding which will show off your toes and the rest of the foot.
There are tons of various pedicures and other type of foot spa treatments that you can go for and that will give you gorgeous feet for your wedding day. Of course, you will also want to check if everything is in working order, especially if you have been experiencing any pain in your feet, which could be a sign of a medical problem.

Visit a medical doctor (optional)
Many of us tend to ignore pain if it is not severe enough and especially if it is not somewhere on the body where there are major organs. For instance, many of us go around with pain in our feet for years, not realizing that there might be something wrong with their feet, something that can ruin a perfectly beautiful wedding day, among other things.
If you are experiencing any pain, before you go to a spa for your foot beautifying needs, you might want to see a podiatrist in your area and go in for a checkup. They are also a person to see if you have any sort of an infection that bothers you or that may ruin the look of your feet.

Pedicures, pedicures, pedicures
The essential step towards flaunting the most gorgeous feet that a wedding has ever seen is a pedicure, or a series of pedicures if you are feeling up for it. The best place to do this is at spas where you will usually find the best experts who know everything there is about these treatments.
The good news is that you can choose among dozens of different types these days, all of which will beautify your feet, but many of which will go a step further. Here are just some of pedicure types that you can go for.

French pedicure – for the classicists
A French pedicure is a classic and for a very simple reason – it is gorgeous. This pedicure involves the whole nine yards, with the soaking, scrubbing, exfoliating, cleaning and even massage thrown in for good measure. Cuticles and nails are trimmed and the finishing touch is the trademark French nail polish which includes clear or gentle pink polish with snowy white tips.

Paraffin Pedicure
This pedicure is just perfect for ladies who have dry or even cracked feet. This pedicure also involves the whole package, with an important additional step. Before nail polish, feet are dipped in paraffin wax. It is the ultimate way to moisturize the feet and make then gentle and smooth again.

Margarita pedicure
This pedicure does not involve dipping your feet in a pitcher of margaritas. However, it will involve soaking the feet in water with pieces of fresh lime in it. This is then followed by a scrub with lime salt and then exfoliation. Lime moisturizer is then applied before the nail polish. It is pretty much the basic pedicure, only heavy on lime, which has been found to be great for skin.

Fish pedicure
The opinions are divided on this particular type of pedicure with some saying there is nothing better and more efficient for exfoliation than a school of little fishies working on the feet while others are saying this is unsanitary and unhealthy. In any case, it is a possibility and many people claim that this is the best thing ever.

Foot massage just before the wedding
If you have time the day before the wedding or a few days before the wedding, you can always slip to a spa nearby and get yourself a massage for your feet. This is perfect for alleviating the anxiety that is often felt before the wedding and it is also a great way to give the feet some relief from the last few months of constant running around the place organizing the wedding and all that. A foot massage is also a great way to relax after a particularly wild hen night.