These days it is quite easy to deal with diseases. Thanks to the ever progressing science and researches frequently done that has lead to efficient treatment of almost every disease or ailment. Also, new and improvised versions of medicines are launched by various brands which enable patient to receive the best of treatments available. However, there are certain medical conditions in which a person requires external aid along with the medicines. For example, when a patient suffers from paralysis or brain haemorrhage, when someone meets with an accident or when a person undergoes major surgery, it is not just medicines that are required for complete recovery.

Sound waves for treatment

There are certain therapies like physiotherapy which are given externally to a patient for speedy recovery. These therapies are given along with regular medicines so that the patient receives treatment both from inside and outside. The therapies are either given manually on the affected body part or at times machines, and equipments are used to enhance the positive effects.

One such equipment used is Ultrasound, which is used to give physiotherapy treatment to patients. The machine stimulates the tissues beneath the skin of a patient with the help of ultrasound waves with a frequency of 80k Hz to 2 lac Hz. These sound waves are impossible to be heard by humans. The therapy is performed by using a transducer and an applicator which is in direct contact with patient’s skin. The sound waves are absorbed by connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Ultrasound is used in specific patients who have issues of muscle strain, ligament strain, facet irritation, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis and tissue scar adhesion.

The therapy has many benefits like speeding up of the healing process because of increased blood flow in the affected area, a decrease in pain, inflammation and swelling along with gentle massage of the affected area. The intensity of sound waves can be increased or decreased depending on the desired result. Generally, a high-intensity sound wave is used for breaking up the scar tissue. Mostly the ultrasound treatment takes 3-5 minutes per session, but if the purpose is to break scar tissue, then treatment can take little longer. The heat that is generated below the skin for treatment is not felt by patient ever.

It is always recommended to get the therapy done by an expert practitioner. Otherwise, it can cause unwanted negative effects. But if the therapy is undertaken with the supervision of a highly trained expert such as physiotherapists, there are hardly any chances of adverse effects.

Physiotherapy ultrasound machine price can be determined on the basis of its features, quality, and brand. These machines can be either sourced by conventional shops or dealers or from the recent popular trend of online shopping. The average market price of these machines is highly variable. Starting from 8k-10k, the price goes as higher as 25-30k. But ultimately one has to choose the best machine analyzing and comparing the features, benefits at the offered price and to see the worth of it. Mostly the authentic brand can be trusted to try out the new products.

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