Welcoming a new puppy at home is always exciting but, it can also be a little daunting at first-if you becoming dog-owners for the first time. As you bring a new dog at your home, you have to remember that your dog is likely to be scared or overwhelmed and still sees you as a stranger.

Bringing home a new dog require a lot of planning-except maybe in the case of bringing a street dog. Of course with a new addition to your house that is your dog you are buying all the dog essentials such as dog toys, dog crates, leashes, food bowls, luxury dog toys, and more that would help your dog to make a successful adjustment to your home.

With all these dogs essential creating good behaviour after you bring home a dog is most important so, here are some tips that will go to help you for creating good behaviour as you bring a new furry friend into your house.

Establish Puppy House Rules:

For your new dog to become a well-behaved member of the family it is important to create a set of house rules. Generally, dogs have their natural behaviour and they love to have a structure otherwise, they will create their own rules and some of their behaviours leads to destructive behaviours such as garbage raiding, chewing items which they’re not supposed to, and developing guarding behaviours.

While deciding the house rules for your new dog you can start with controlling the dog’s access like:

  • Decide a place for your dog to sleep whether it’s within custom dog crates, or on their dog bed outside of the dog crates or in bed with people.
  • Are there some areas of your home where you don’t want your dog can come? So, from the very first day restrict your dog to explore that area of your house.
  • Are you allowing your dog to be on furniture? If not, then limit the access to such privileges like furniture, bed over the first few weeks.

Crate Train:

Providing crate training to your dog can be helpful in many situations, the crate provides a space for your dog to relax and a safe way of transporting your dog from one place to another while going out if your home.

Start by choosing the right crate as per your dog size and convenient and put it in an area of the home where the family spends a lot of time. Your dog may take some days or weeks to get used to the dog crates, it depends on your dog’s age and temperament and past experiences that how long your dog will take to be trained.

Place a soft blanket and bring some chewable dog toys that would help to encourage your dog to get inside the crate. You can start feeding your dog near the crate and eventually inside it as your dog get familiar with the crate. Finally, start closing the door while the dog is eating inside the crate and can increase the time of door closing as the dog gets used to it.

Rethink How You Play with Toys:

Like humans, dogs also get bored with the same old everyday routine. It is important to keep your dog mentally challenged and constantly exposing to new things. If your dog gets bored of the same old chewable toys so you can purchase new luxury dog toys or dog games that would provide your dog with ample opportunity to engage his senses.

Final Words:

These are few ways in which you can try to establish good behavior for your dog so that you and your new friend can enjoy each other’s company and help your new family addition to getting comfortable in his new home.