Manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms, 350 Legend ammo is a straight-walled center fire product that’s approved by SAAMI (the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) and is specifically designed for use in those American states that have set rules about the ammunition that’s able to use to hunt deer.

According to the manufacturers themselves, this particular cartridge is the fastest of its kind on the planet, despite the fact that the non-straight-walled options made by the same company – the .458 Magnum & the .444 Marlin are known to be faster. With a maximum range of approximately 250 yards, it’s a particular favourite with deer hunters across the US.

The 350 Legend ammo has certain commonalities with the .223 Remington, with the overall length and diameter of the cartridge being very similar. That said, it owes nothing to the .223 Remington for its own design, but that does not stop it being suitable for use in AR15 cartridge magazines without any required modifications.

The Origins of .350 Legend Ammo

Over the years, Winchester Repeating Arms have launched a variety of hugely popular cartridges that include the .270, .308, .30 WCF and the .243 – to name but a few. This specific cartridge, however, is a very recent addition to this procession of popular products, as it was only launched onto the market at the 2019 SHOT show that took place in Las Vegas.

So well received were the rounds that it took just a few weeks for them to be fully accepted by SAAMI – the organisation responsible for regulating the US ammunition and firearms industry.

Usage Applications For the Ammo

Winchester created the .350 cartridge for the deer hunter market, as it was felt that the sector required a better performing straight-walled round. It has enough stopping power to achieve clean kills for deer, but is also able to do the same for coyotes and hogs. The 350 Legend ammo round weighs in at between 8.1 and 18.1 grams and is exceptionally versatile.

There are some hunters out there that have sensitivities to recoil from high powered rifle rounds, which is why these are so popular. This high velocity, low recoil cartridge sells well across the states wherever it’s sold.

A Product that Ticks All the Right Boxes

In the world of hunting at least, 350 Legend ammo is the ideal product. Perfectly created for stopping mid-sized beasts, it also gives you supreme accuracy to boot. Another of its winning characteristics happens to be cost, with the rounds being cheap enough to be burned through at the range without worrying too much about burning a hole in your finances.

The fact is that Winchester makes this round on the same equipment that’s used to create their 9mm ammunition, with this cost-saving being passed on to the consumer. Whichever way you look at it, despite only being around for a couple of years or so, it’s already well on the way to becoming Winchester’s next hall of fame entry.

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